10 Best Shows to Binge Watch

What’s better than watching a good tv show? Binge watching a good tv show! No more waiting a week to see what happens to your favorite characters. Binge watching means instant gratification. So pop some popcorn, pour yourself a glass of wine and curl up on the sofa because I’m sharing the best shows to binge watch. From Netflix to Hulu to Amazon Prime, here are my favorite binge worthy shows.

Note: If you have a smart tv (I have two and they are 10 years old so don’t let their age fool you), I highly recommend getting an Amazon Fire Stick (less than $40). It plugs into the back of your tv and comes with it’s own remote. With it, you can stream shows on channels you subscribe to including Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime to name just a few.

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10 Best Shows to Binge Watch

10 Best Shows to Binge Watch - The Americans - kellyelko.com #bingewatch #tvshows #whattowatch

The Americans – FX / Amazon Prime

What took me so long to watch this? I’m only six episodes (out of 75)  into this series and it’s my new favorite! Two KGB spies in an arranged marriage pose as Americans in Washington, D.C. in the early 1980’s. To their neighbors, they are the nice parents of two sweet kids and they own a small travel agency. In reality, they are Russian spies who will do anything for their country, and I do mean anything if you know what I mean! When an FBI agent moves in across the street, things get really complicated. Don’t say I didn’t warn you – it’s racy!
Six seasons – 75 episodes.

10 Best Shows to Binge Watch - The Handmaid's Tale - kellyelko.com #bingewatch #tvshows #whattowatch

The Handmaid’s Tale – Hulu / Amazon Prime

This show shows us what life would be like if women had absolutely no rights. Set in the not too distant future, America is ruled by horribly disgusting men until the women start fighting back! Don’t say I didn’t warn you – some nudity and sex scenes.
Two seasons – 23 episodes (season three coming soon)

10 Best Shows to Binge Watch - The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel - kellyelko.com #bingewatch #tvshows #whattowatch

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel – Amazon Prime

What does a 1950’s housewife living in a beautiful New York City apartment with her perfect husband and two kids do when she discovers her penchant for stand up comedy? This fun show follows Miriam Maisel (and her colorful, drool worthy fashions) as she follows her passion. The occasional intricately choreographed dance scene doesn’t hurt either.
Two seasons – 18 episodes (season three coming soon)

10 Best Shows to Binge Watch - The Umbrella Academy - kellyelko.com #bingewatch #tvshows #whattowatch

The Umbrella Academy – Netflix

Reunited by their father’s death, siblings with extraordinary super-powers uncover shocking family secrets and must band together to save the world. Every character has a quirkiness that I love and the sound track is so much fun. Only one season is out right now but season two is currently being filmed.
One season – 10 episodes (season two coming soon)

10 Best Shows to Binge Watch - The Crown - kellyelko.com #bingewatch #tvshows #whattowatch

The Crown – Netflix

This royal drama chronicles the rise of Queen Elizabeth II from princess to queen. If you love castles, lavish costumes and sets, then this one is for you.
Two seasons – 20 episodes (season three coming soon)

10 Best Shows to Binge Watch - Call the Midwife - kellyelko.com #bingewatch #tvshows #whattowatch

Call the Midwife – Netflix / Amazon Prime

This period drama set in a working class suburb of London in the late 1950’s/early 1960’s follows a new midwife and her colleagues at a nursing convent. Follow these young ladies and the nuns they work side by side with as they deal with births, deaths, disease, dating and more. I love the hair and makeup too!
8 seasons – 69 episodes (3 more seasons in the works)

10 Best Shows to Binge Watch - Jack Ryan - kellyelko.com #bingewatch #tvshows

Jack Ryan – Amazon Prime

Yes, this is the same character brought to life in the Tom Clancy books and and also several movies. Ryan is a young CIA analyst who works a comfortable desk job when he is suddenly thrust into dangerous field work where he must battle global terrorists!
One season – 8 episodes (season two coming soon). 

10 Best Shows to Binge Watch - Doc Martin - kellyelko.com #bingewatch #tvshows #whattowatch

Doc Martin – Hulu / Amazon Prime

When Doctor Martin Ellingham develops a fear of blood, he must stop doing surgeries and move to a sleepy waterfront Cornish village (the scenery is breathtaking) where he becomes the only doctor. Watching this grumpy doctor who lacks all social skills interact with the local townspeople is a riot.
8 seasons – 62 episodes (season nine coming soon)

10 Best Shows to Binge Watch - House of Cards - kellyelko.com #bingewatch #tvshows #whattowatch

House of Cards – Netflix / Amazon Prime

Congressman Frank Underwood is the most ambitious politician of all time and he’ll do anything to become president. His wife is equally ambitious and together, they are quite the ruthless, manipulative and powerful duo. Don’t say I didn’t warn you – this one’s racy.
8 seasons – 73 episodes

10 Best Shows to Binge Watch - The Act - kellyelko.com #bingewatch #tvshows #whattowatch

On my To Watch List …

The Act – Hulu

I can’t wait to watch this one and since it’s only 8 episodes, it can be done in a weekend! Can you say cray? This unbelievable true story (you can’t make this stuff up!) explores munchausen by proxy and the relationship between Dee Dee Blanchard, an overprotective (to put it mildly) mom, and her daughter Gypsy. When Gypsy finally has enough, she leaps out of the wheelchair her mother had her confined to and kills her!
1 season – 8 episodes

Now I just need more hours in the day to binge watch all of these shows!

Have you watched any of my picks? Do you have your own favorite shows to binge watch? If so, let me know in the comments.

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  1. Just so folks know, because I was not, Amazon Prime offers a video only membership without all the rest of the services. Frankly, when Prime to a $20/year jump in subscription this year, I dropped them. Was not worth it to me, I don’t order. I think just the video subscription runs about 100/year. Still high when compared to ACORN TV which, on a fire stick, is $50/year.
    My Binges are The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, A Place to Call Home, Shameless (American version), and MadMen

    1. Thanks for this info Lesley! So you’re saying the video subscription through Amazon is around $100 per year? Prime is $119 so for me the extra $20 is worth it. But if you aren’t shopping on Amazon, it’s a great way to save some cash!

  2. Agree with some of these—Mrs. Maizel is worth it for the production value alone! But a grievous error on your part not to mention a Downton (Amazon Prime) in preparation for the movie. And of course my ♥️ Murder, She Wrote.
    But you’re young.

    1. I loved Downton but since I just recently watched it, I didn’t feel the need to binge watch! Murder She Wrote – a true classic that I watched when it originally aired so I’m not that young!!

  3. This is a good list some i have wondered about and some i watch, The Crown, Midwives and Doc Martin. Sometimes you have to keep watching to see what happens, lol!!

  4. I have seen all but two of these. Good choices. The Umbrella Academy and The Act I I haven’t seen but I feel like The Act is right out of “as seen on TV”. It was in the news.

  5. Kelly!!!
    Have you given up going to thrift stores !?! I miss your funny tails about your adventures, great finds and how you repurposed them!
    Have a great Memorial Day!🇺🇸

  6. My life literally became all about the Crown, I almost wanted to have a cryfest when I finished.
    My husband and I scheduled our weekends around “The Americans” for the past 3 years. Talk about feeling at loose ends when it was over.
    Now we can’t stop taking about “The Handmaids Tale”, who knew staying home would become all we want when the weekend hits.
    Thanks for the suggestions!

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