10 Unique Repurposed Windows

 10 Unique Repurposed Windows - very cool ideas!  kellyelko.com

They’re cluttering up my garage but I’ve come across unique ways to upcycle my old windows.

Get creative with some of my favorite window repurposing ideas.


Giant window propped against a wall with a wire basket for storage – from Hvitura Lakkris.

10 Unique Repurposed Windows - very cool ideas!  kellyelko.com

Blow up your favorite photograph and mount behind an old window for instant art – from Milk & Honey Design.

10 Unique Repurposed Windows - very cool ideas!  kellyelko.com

Who needs a shower curtain when you can use old windows as a shower door – from Design Sponge.

10 Unique Repurposed Windows - very cool ideas!  kellyelko.com

Old window frames become room dividers – from Interior 4 You.

10 Unique Repurposed Windows - very cool ideas!  kellyelko.com

Get organized with a chalkboard calendar on a giant window – from Thistlewood Farm.

10 Unique Repurposed Windows - very cool ideas!  kellyelko.com

Now this is a greenhouse, made from old windows in every shape and size – from After-Dinner Design.

10 Unique Repurposed Windows - very cool ideas!  kellyelko.com

Don’t have amazing architectural details in your home?  Hang an old window over a doorway and you’ve got a transom – from BH&G.  

10 Unique Repurposed Windows - very cool ideas!  kellyelko.com

A few dowels on a window an you’ve got a coffee table – from Cottage 3.


I love the simplicity of an initial painted on a windowpane – from Style Me Pretty.

10 Unique Repurposed Windows - very cool ideas!  kellyelko.com

If you’re lucky enough to find a window with 24 panes, you’ve got the perfect window Advent calendar – from Finding Home.

10 Unique Repurposed Windows - very cool ideas!  kellyelko.com

Here’s to hoping you come across an old window, or two, or three …


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  1. Hey awesomesauce! My chalkboard and I thank you!

    Happy day to you and congrats on Lamps Plus! I know you will be amazing!

    Have a great day rock star!

  2. Oh I love the calendar and room dividers. I know I have seen windows that size and now that I know what to do with them, I know I will have the hardest time finding them! Isn’t that the way it always works! 😉 I’m going to go check CL now and maybe swing by Habitat! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Kelly, these are great the fist one is my favorite! These are such great ideas. I am a huge fan of old windows and doors.


  4. These are some great ideas — I really love the one with the window hanging in the doorway and the one with the initial on it.

  5. like the greenhouse one, The shower one would have safety issues, if they didn’t replace the glass with safety glass. I also like the one of the couple hanging above the bed.

  6. I have one I bought at an estate auction a year and a half ago for $10. These are great ideas. Just debating about repurposing it for the house, or the garden.

  7. I love all the windows. I’ve never past a pile of windows on the side of the road that I didn’t love and adopt!
    All of the ideas are so super creative.

  8. When we lived in KY (before CO) I was lucky to find several wood windows. I found one that was 3 ft. square with 12 panes. Oh how I loved that window. Hubs had to build a frame on the wall in living room to hang it. I printed out different things to put in the panes, changed them out for seasons, holidays. Sadly I was convinced to leave it in KY and not too happy about it. Had to leave several of my old windows behind as well as some old wood doors. I haven’t looked here for doors or windows but would love to find more. I can think of so many things to do with them.
    Love the pics you featured of how windows were used. Never enuf time or projects to get done. loved the doors post also. Happy summer.

  9. I have a passion for historic windows, so much so that I have been restoring them professionally for the last few years. I applaud all of these creative ideas! I do want to advise people to be very cautious when working with older windows as the paint contains lead (if painted prior to 1976). If ingested or breathed in, lead can be toxic to children, the elderly and those with compromised immune systems. It also should be avoided by women who plan to become pregnant. If doing any sanding or scraping, a lead-rated dust-particle respirator (not a dust mask) should be worn and all clothing should be washed separately. If using windows in their distressed state, a sealant should be applied to avoid paint flaking and loose particles. Please enjoy your sash, and stay safe!

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