5 Simple Favorite Fall Decorating Ideas


5 Simple Favorite Fall Decorating Ideas - love these inexpensive but unique ideas!  kellyelko.com

Off with the flip flops and shorts …

on with leather boots, jeans and cozy sweaters.


Out with seashells, coral and glass buoys …

in with mums, pinecones and pumpkins.


Don’t stress – a few of my quick and simple fall decorating ideas will have your house ready for a bonfire and apple picking in no time flat.


Start looking at things in a new light – like those ugly plastic pumpkins!

My plastic pumpkin music sheet planter makes all the terra cotta pots orange with envy.


Don’t they look cute on my front porch steps – (and you’ve got to check out my unique fall wreath)!

Fall Music Sheet Decoupage Planters - turn an ugly plastic pumpkin into this stunner!  kellyelko.com

Plastic Pumpkin Music Sheet Planter - for only $1!  kellyelko.com

If one pumpkin is good …

three pumpkins stacked together is great!

My pumpkin topiaries were a cinch to make.

Simple pumpkin topiary tutorial - this is the easiest way I've seen to make these!  kellyelko.com

I love a bit of bling so why not bling out a few pinecones and turn them into pinecone place card holders.

Fall pinecone place setting - love the bit of bling!  kellyelko.com

Flowers fade but my toolbox centerpiece lasts all season – just tuck your favorite treasures inside.

Rustic toolbox centerpiece - perfect for fall (and love all the treasures tucked inside)!  kellyelko.com

Think outside the vase and get creative – my ice bucket vase makes these sunflowers smile.

Think outside the vase - ideas to make any bouquet happy (like this old ice bucket)!  kellyelko.com

Here’s to hearing the crunch of leaves beneath our boots.


See my simple fall mantel too – it doesn’t get any easier than this.

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  1. These are all adorable…and I really love the pine cone place card holders…
    I am sooooooooooooooooo NOT ready for fall….I am going to hang onto summer awhile longer. Out here in West Texas, September is often hot and summery…..hope it will be again this year. 🙂
    I am bookmarking your fall ideas…..

  2. Yes, it true, out with flip-flops and shorts, but gosh, it makes me sad 🙁 ~ But, your projects are enough to cheer up a Summer-loving gal and make me want to welcome Autumn a bit more than usual! ~ I love the toolbox! ~ Judi

  3. So THAT’S the reason I keep thinking I need more plastic pumpkins. I knew I wanted them for a reason, but seriously could not remember why.

  4. Come on Fall! I am so ready for every change of season when it happens, and this year is no exception. I’m dreaming of Pumpkin Spice Lattes, boots and jean jackets! I’m dying over that ice bucket. Lucky sunflowers to be part of such an original arrangement! xoxo jules

  5. I am SOOOO looking forward to cool, crisp autumn air with lotsa sunshine and blue skies….sick, sick, sick of rainy, muggy days this Summer has turned out to be. Our figs soured on the tree, the decorative gourds and squash rotted in the ground, it just has been a terrible summer. Way, way too much rain, while last year we had drought. Of course, I’ve seen times when Christmas day we were outside playing touch football in our shorts it was so hot and dry. Ya just never know what the weather is going to be in the south~~

  6. Your fall mantel is what got me hooked to you blog in the first place (or was it the spider tablecloth?)! Love all the ideas Kelly, but luckily where I’m from, we’re still dressed in tees and sporting flipflops! Yey!

  7. Altho I’m not officially ready for Fall just yet, (hoping for one more visit, at least, to the state park lake 7 1/2 miles from our house). The nights are getting cooler but that could change in a heart beat, just never know with western CO. I don’t care how cold that lake water gets, I’m going to float for awhile anyway.
    Love all your excellent and gorgeous fall ideas, very nice. Think mostly I’m just not ready to go digging and have mess of decorations all over the house.
    Fall is my favorite decorating time of year with Christmas coming in a close 2nd. Have taken down the Bee decos but have to see what I’ll do now. Kinda in between seasons.
    Seeing all the gorgeous ideas you featured sure gets me in the mood pretty soon tho. I’ll be pinning all of them. Thanks for sharing great ideas.

  8. Love fall decor but it’s still August and fall isn’t officially here until September 22nd. I’m hanging on to every last bit of summer. Love the way you decorated your porch! I’m going to figure out a way to incorporate a little bit of coastal style, seashells etc. with my fall decor. Who knows, maybe I’ll make a seashell garland for the Christmas tree! Love the idea of thinking outside the box. You’re pretty great with that Kelly.

  9. These are great ideas! and they’re beautiful! Last year we had small pie pumpkins that I painted our house numbers onto and stacked them on top one another on the porch. I also hot glued faux sunflowers to one of those pumpkin trick or treating pails to hang out in my kitchen. I really should be getting better pictures of them so I can share them better than last years fuzzy pictures!

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