52 Weeks of Yes Month 3! Cryotherapy, Broadway, Goat Yoga and an MRI

I’m a quarter of the way through my 52 Weeks of Yes! and I got hit with a major snag! I turned 50 and started falling apart … literally! I got to experience something that was never on my bucket list – an MRI. The diagnosis is a herniated disk and it involves shooting pains from my lower back all the way down to my calf. I started physical therapy yesterday so my Yes’s may be a little bit less physical until I heal. In the meantime, my 52 Weeks of Yes Month 3 includes me visiting a cryotherapy chamber where I froze my tush off, taking in a Broadway show (and a few rooftop bars) and doing downward dog with goats!

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I think many people are afraid of trying new things for fear of failure. They don’t want to make fools of themselves or be perceived as less than perfect. Well, I think trying new things is how we grow and stay young.

Have you read the book: It’s Great to Suck at Something: The Unexpected Joy of Wiping Out and What it Can Teach Us About Patience, Resilience, and the Stuff that Really Matters. I encourage everyone to let go of perfectionism and not worry about what anyone else thinks and live your life with curiosity.

This is exactly what I’ve been doing and it’s freeing! I’ve never been one to really care what others think but turning 50 has me caring even less. I care about experiences and enjoying the moment. These last three months have had me doing some pretty cool things and I am looking forward to keeping the new experiences coming.

Week 9 – MRI

I blame my hubby! I joined him in our basement for a workout and while trying to impress him with my physical prowess, I felt a pain in my back. Over the next few days, the pain got worse so I finally went to the doctor who confirmed my self diagnoses of sciatica and when it continued to worsen, she ordered an MRI which confirmed that I have a herniated disc! It’s been over a month and the pain is still very bad but I’m hoping physical therapy will have me in tip top shape soon.

MRI Verdict: 0 glasses of wine!

Week 10 – Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy means “cold therapy” and they aren’t joking! It’s supposed to help reduce inflammation (not to mention burn tons of calories) so I thought it would be the perfect antidote for my herniated disc.

Cryotherapy claims to help with migraines, numb nerve irritation, help treat mood disorders like anxiety or depression, reduce arthritis pain and more. While there is some research supporting the claims that cryotherapy can offer health benefits, it’s still being researched so I advise everyone to talk to their doctor to see if it’s right for you.

52 Weeks of Yes! Join Kelly in the cryotherapy chamber to see if she can handle the cold! kellyelko.com #52weeksofyes #cryotherapy #selfcare

The cryotherapy operator provided a robe, fashion week approved knee high socks, shoes and gloves that looked like giant oven mitts and told me to strip down to my undies in the dressing room. I stepped into the chamber, removed my robe and handed it over to the operator.

Now I know how Snow Miser feels! It was sooooo cold but it felt great! It was invigorating and the three minutes flew by. Especially since the cryo operator and my friend Sarah stood right outside the chamber chatting with me. When I was done, my robe was handed to me and I emerged from the chamber a little bit redder (look at my calves in the pic below) and feeling like I could conquer the world.

Don’t miss a video of me in the cryo chamber on my Facebook page here.

52 Weeks of Yes! Join Kelly in the cryotherapy chamber to see if she can handle the cold! kellyelko.com #52weeksofyes #cryotherapy #selfcare

The intro special included my choice of add ons so I opted for the cryo facial which was 15 minutes of freezing cold air blown all over my face. I should have scheduled a big night out after because my skin was glowing!

52 Weeks of Yes! Join Kelly in the cryotherapy chamber to see if she can handle the cold! kellyelko.com #52weeksofyes #cryotherapy #selfcare

Cryotherapy Verdict: 10 wine glasses

I left feeling great and would definitely do it again as I think the more it’s done, the greater the benefits.

Cryotherapy kellyelko.com #cryotherapy #52weeksofyes

Week 11 – Broadway Show

I saw Cher! Not the actual Cher … the Broadway show. It started off slow, was a tad bit cheesy but ended strong. I would recommend getting the cheap seats (which we did) if you plan to see this.

52 Weeks of Yes! Take a girls trip to see Cher on Broadway kellyelko.com #broadway #52weeksofyes #cher #nyc #iloveny

No trip into New York is complete without rooftop drinks and a great dinner. If you make it to New York, I highly recommend Vida Verde for lunch or dinner. It’s a vibrant Mexican restaurant with margaritas as good as the decor and they have a very cool rooftop bar! It’s a quick walk to Broadway too.

Love the colorful umbrellas in this Mexican restaurant kellyelko.com #colorlovers #colorful

Cher on Broadway Verdict: 8 wine glasses

Although I’ve seen better shows, this was all about the costumes (oh the amazing costumes!), the music, dancing in our seats and just letting loose.

Cher on Broadway kellyelko.com #52weeksofyes #broadway #cher

Week 12 – Goat Yoga

The world would be a happier place if baby goats were free to roam among us! I had no idea what to expect from goat yoga so I gathered up a few friends (all of us newbies) and headed off on a scenic drive to the most charming lavender farm.

Have you tried goat yoga? Learn all about it kellyelko.com #52weeksofyes #goatyoga #selfcare #yoga

This little guy nibbled on my necklace and ponytail and actually pulled out a few pieces of my hair but with a face like that, how could I be mad!

The best part was getting to bottle feed these cuties.

P.S. This is my favorite workout tank. I love the ruching which hides a multitude of flaws!

Goat yoga is all the rage and this place even lets you bottle feed the baby goats kellyelko.com #goatyoga #52weeksofyes #yoga

Mad Lavender Farm is right out of a storybook! Not only do they have goat yoga, but they grow the most beautiful and fragrant lavender.

Mad Lavender Farm - a fun place to buy all things lavender and do goat yoga! kellyelko.com #52weeksofyes #goatyoga #lavender

If it rains, don’t fret because goat yoga will be held inside the 26 foot tall tipi!

How cool is this giant 26 foot tall tipi kellyelko.com #tipi #buddha

Lavender and wisteria were in full bloom in the flower dome!

Lavender and wisteria in full bloom kellyelko.com #lavender #wisteria #gardening #gardens #climbingflowers

Even the chicken coop was adorable and looks like a train caboose!

Look at this fun train caboose chicken coop! kellyelko.com #chickens #chickencoop #farmers

The tiny shop was filled with all things lavender including soap, candles, and more. We had fun tasting the lavender ice cream and fudge.

Adorable little store that looks like a train caboose kellyelko.com #gardens #gardening #gardenstructure #tinyhouse

I tried smuggling a goat out of there but was caught in the act!

Goat yoga is such a fun experience! kellyelko.com #goatyoga #yoga #goats #pygmygoats #52weeksofyes

Goat Yoga Verdict: 10 wine glasses!

What’s not to love about tiny goats frolicking around you while doing downward dogs? The setting of this little farm made it that much more perfect.

The farm is located midway between New York City and Philadelphia – you can see more of Mad Lavender Farm here.

Goat Yoga review kellyelko.com

Here’s to trying new things … even if we suck at them!


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  1. Looks like your first 3 months of 52 weeks of yes have been an adventure (minus the herniated disk)! Hope you are feeling better soon, looking forward to your next adventure!

  2. First time commenter here. I keep up with your blog in my Feedly reader but don’t always actually get here to read it. I love your 52 weeks of saying yes challenge, though I have to admit that book overwhelmed me. Cryotherapy sounds pretty amazing, but is it expensive? I take alternating hot then cold showers to do a similar thing, and know some people experiment with cold-only showers. Have you looked into that? You don’t even have to go anywhere!

    1. Hi Lisa! Thanks for popping in to comment! I found a Groupon for $39 for a full body cryotherapy and an add on (I chose the facial). My place has packages for regular users. I’ve never tried the hot cold showers – I think if I wasn’t locked into the shower, I would hop out immediately! But I do love a nice hot bath. Let me know if you try it.

  3. Great adventures and those goats were so cute, hope your back gets way better and you get back to having fun. I’m cold a lot when i am in stores and restaurants, they freeze me, does that count, lol!!!

  4. I’m sorry to hear that you are hurting. Hoping you feel better soon. Love all the new things you did. You are truly inspiring!

      1. You’re welcome! I know I already replied but I just have to share this with you. I grew up 15 minutes away from Mad Lavender! Small world! Maybe one of these days I’ll run into you!

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