52 Weeks of Yes!

I turned 50 last week! This milestone birthday got me thinking about how I want to spend my next 50 years. I have a tendency to say no. No to getting out of my comfort zone. No to trying new things. No to being inconvenienced. No to leaving my cozy home. Well those no’s are about to turn into yes’s as I kick off my 52 Weeks of Yes!

52 Weeks of Yes!

Every week during my 50th year on earth, I’ll do something I would normally say no to. Do something I have always wanted to do but never made time for. Do something unexpected, weird, scary, different, unique.

I celebrated my 50th birthday with a trip to Costa Rica with my hubby (he was the only male allowed!), my girls, my sister and some girlfriends. It was amazing to mark this half century in a villa overlooking the ocean, surrounded by monkeys, sloths and toucans. I’ll share more of my trip soon.

52 Weeks of Yes! join Kelly as she gets out of her comfort zone and tries new and exciting things every week kellyelko.com #52weeksofyes #vacation #travelblogger #costarica

To kick off my first week of yes, I said yes to a few new experiences.

I zip lined! Not just any zip line but the longest zip line in Latin America and the third longest in the world! The course was a series of 10 zip lines and while I enjoyed it very much, I am a person that can’t take the heat so after I puked my brains out, I had to head back to base camp but luckily it was after I zipped along the seventh, and longest line!

52 Weeks of Yes - longest zip line in Latin America! kellyelko.com #travel #zipline #costarica #vacation #travelblog #52WeeksofYes

I’ve seen lots of waterfalls in my life – including some beauties in Hawaii – but I have never swam under one. I was determined not to stand on the sidelines this time but to literally jump head first into the water and experience the raging falls. It was exhilarating!

52 Weeks of Yes - swim under a waterfall! kellyelko.com #travel #waterfall #costarica #vacation #travelblog #52WeeksofYes

I also hand fed wild spider and white face monkeys and saw a sloth mama and her baby slowly make their way across a tree branch late at night (this was a highlight of my trip).

52 Weeks of Yes - hand feed wild monkeys! kellyelko.com #travel #monkeys #costarica #vacation #travelblog #52WeeksofYes

Three experiences of a lifetime.

I’m ready for more! If you have any ideas for me to say yes to, please share. They can be anything from learning new skills, traveling to new places, volunteering for worthy causes or anything in between.

I challenge you to get out of your comfort zone and start saying yes with me.

Follow my #52WeeksofYes on Instagram – @kelly.elkoย where I’ll be sharing lots of behind the scenes peeks into what I’m up to. Feel free to use my #52WeeksofYes hashtag to share your own experiences.

P.S. I’ve been lucky to travel to some pretty amazing places – see more of my travel diary here.

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  1. Happy 50th birthday Kelly! I’m also in the 1969 Club, and will be 50 in July:) Your trip to Costa Rica looks wonderful!! I enjoy your blog!

  2. I took a trapeze class a few years ago. I highly recommend that! I’m afraid of heights, but it was so much fun and am glad that I pushed myself!

  3. Yes you see and do it all i am 65+ and i have done quite a few things but, i feel it’s important to do what you can, so you’ll have pictures and memories as you get older. There’s only one thing i have always wanted to do and that’s ride a donkey all the way down the Grand Canyon, and i may not have the energy now. It is such a beautiful canyon. So have fun, fun, fun!!

  4. How did I miss this??? Happy happy 50th! We are both in the club now. So excited to see what else you do.

    And YES to zip lining. I am a bit addicted.

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