A Crystal Clear View & a Giveaway!

Hi, my name is Kelly and I’ve lived in my house for four years and have never had the windows cleaned.

Through a complete renovation and installation of new windows (with the silicone used to install the windows still stuck on in many places).  Through dirt, dust, debris and even Hurricane Sandy, after 4 years, my windows were a filthy mess.


I got a sample of Fish Foam window cleaner at a conference months ago and fell in love.  It’s a foam so theres no dripping mess – genius and it’s ammonia free!

Eclectically Vintage Fish Foam

The first step is admitting the problem and the second step was contacting Fish Foam.  They came out (the super nice Steve who, like me, owns a vintage wallpaper pasting table!), walked around my house and gave me an estimate then came back four days later to clean my windows.

We have a three story house and there was no way I was putting my hubby on a ladder (picture him swaying, swaying, almost falling, grabbing on for dear life … you get the picture).

Eclectically Vintage

When those red trucks pulled up to my house, it was like Christmas morning.

Four window cleaners + four hours = windows so clean you could eat your dinner off of them (and they even cleaned the screens and wore booties over their shoes so they wouldn’t track dirt on my floors)!

Seriously – look at the before and after!

Eclectically Vintage

I may or may not have done a happy dance.


Moral of the story is:  people in glass houses should get their windows cleaned!   I vow to never let four years pass again.

Eclectically Vintage

If you’re looking for a great window cleaning service for your home, I highly recommend Fish Window Cleaning.  They have locations all over the country.

Or head over to the Fish Foam store to purchase their fabulous no drip window cleaner (plus shipping is only $5 right now).

I’ve been on a cleaning rampage – my glass coffee table has never had it so good.


Fish Foam 3 Pack Window Cleaner Giveaway

Two ways to enter – leave a separate comment for each one:

1) Tell me your most dreaded household chore

2) Like Fish Foam on Facebook

Boring but necessary:  Contest ends May 2, 2013.  Winner will be chosen by Random.org and notified by email.  If I do not hear back within 3 days, another winner will be chosen.  Fish Foam will ship a 3 pack of cleaner to a continental U.S. street address only.   


I was lucky enough to have Fish Foam clean my windows but all opinions are my own.  See my full disclosure policy here.


Update:  The winner is Doreen of Hymns & Verses – congrats!

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  1. Most dreaded chore has to be cleaning all the floors, it’s a huge job. Looks great when I’m done but so much work.

  2. what a difference that cleaner made.
    My most dreaded household chore……..dusting.. I would much rather do anything else but dust.
    Thank U 4 this opportunity

  3. My most dreaded chore is washing all of our floors; unless I can get the Mr. to do it , then I love it!!

  4. W/o a doubt, spring cleaning of windows and screens is the worse — but I sure love the view when the job is done! Thanks for the opportunity!

  5. Actually this post intrigued me because windows are the job I probably hate the most and it isn’t the actual cleaning of the windows, it is going through the process and then when they dry it doesn’t look like I cleaned them at all. Frustrating.

  6. First – that before and after shot is amazing! I’m sold on Fish Foam! My most dreaded chore is cleaning the bathroom – I live with four men!

  7. My most dreaded chore…folding laundry! Cleaning my windows is on my chore list for next week. I’m going to purchase some of this stuff!

  8. By far my most dreaded chore is cleaning the bathroom! I have two teenage girls, so imagine the caked on hairspray all over the place!

  9. Your windows look amazing (beautiful view) and are a reminder to me of how horrible *our* windows look right now! ! I loved using that product UP after the conference last year!

  10. My most dreaded chore must be cleaning windows because I don’t. Thanks for the opportunity to change!:)

  11. With two dogs & two cats and the doors always being open to allow them in and out privelages, our floors are always a mess with pet hair, dirt, and dust in general. I hate dealing with the floors! I’d rather clean a toilet!

  12. i hate windows but i also reallly hate cleaning our large walk-in shower for some reason – just such a pain!!

  13. The chore I dread is washing and polishing all my knick knacks (of which there are many lol). Soo time consuming!

  14. …Yeah this is on my “to do” list. I installed 8 new windows in 2010, and the PO had 4 installed in 2009, and I haven’t washed them once yet. They’re still fairly clean, but they have water spots and dirt, and it won’t take that long to do them.

  15. I dislike cleaning bathrooms the most I guess. Truth be told, I don’t like cleaning in general. Can I say that?
    Liked Fish Foam on FB.

  16. My most dreaded chore is dishes/kitchen. I don’t mind doing windows at all. I’ve never understood why people hate doing them?

  17. My most dreaded chore is cooking!!!! While it isn’t really a chore per say it totally feels like a chore in my book. I wish I could hire someone to come in to our house and do all our dinner meals for us!

  18. My most dreaded chore is doing dishes. I have chronic pain issues, so standing for any length of time plus using my arms is killer. The little house I have is a perfect size for me, but it doesn’t have a dishwasher. I’m saving up to get a portable dishwasher!

  19. Dusting… seems like the results of my time and effort only last about 4 days. Definitely would be interested in trying Fish Foam.

  20. Putting away clothes! I don’t mind the washing or the drying, but the putting away? Ugh – drawers always seem too full and it always reminds me that I need to clean out closets and dressers! 🙂 Love how clean your windows look!

  21. Most dreaded chore? Toss up: dusting books in our “library” or cleaning the basement. I don’t mind “dusting” (it’s an opportunity to handle & appreciate my favorite accessories), but I hate dusting (deep cleaning) our books which I also love to handle, but my sinuses hate the dust that seems to get INTO the books. Likewise the basement cleaning – using the necessary bleach sends my sinuses into oblivion.
    Can’t believe the before & after of your windows. Are you sure you didn’t have your screens on in the first & off in the second photo?

    1. I know it’s hard to believe Mimi but I don’t even have screens on those windows – they don’t open! The ones on the sides of the large windows open but they have pull down screens (and aren’t pictured)! No screens in either picture – they are that clean!!

  22. There are a lot of jobs that I hate doing around the house. I think toilet bowls are at the top of the list (having all males in the house) then windows. Of course all the dog nose prints do not help either.

  23. I dread laundry day. I don’t mind the washing and drying, but folding all of it is boring. I guess I’d rather be creating something pretty!

  24. I would love to try Fish Foam….I hate washing windows and when I finish they don”t look that clean & clear!!!!

  25. Your windows look great – I’d do a happy dance, too! Although I’m not fond of doing windows, I really procrastinate on cleaning my blinds. Thanks for this opportunity to try out what looks like a great product.

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