DIY 3-D Butterfly Artwork


Love this DIY 3-D Butterfly Artwork

One of my twins is named Vanessa, which means butterfly.

My girls are 13 now but thankfully still love being tucked into bed.  Every night, Vanessa asks for a “mystery doll” and I rummage through her huge basket of stuffed animals and pull out a long forgotten one.  She puts her head under the covers, reaches her hands out and I let her touch a small part of the doll.  Whether it’s an ear or a tail or a toe, she guesses correctly 99% of the time and we always crack up!

My girls are the funniest people I know!

Eclectically Vintage 12 Months of Martha Martha Stewart Crafts DIY art

3-D Dream Art

1) Spray paint cork board (I used black so the butterflies would pop)

2) Draw your word or design in chalk (I chose Dream)

3) Punch 2 types of butterflies from double sided scrapbook paper using Martha Stewart Crafts Layering Paper Punch (this one punch can make both solid and patterned shapes)!

4) Score each butterfly down the middle using Martha Stewart Crafts Mini Scoring Board

5) Hot glue each butterfly onto the tip of a ball point pin

6) Stick butterfly pin into cork board using your chalked word as a guide

Eclectically Vintage 12 Months of Martha Martha Stewart Crafts DIY art

My other daughter’s name, Olivia, means peace.  I’ll have to get working on a peace sign for her!

Eclectically Vintage 12 Months of Martha Martha Stewart Crafts DIY art DIY art

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Thrilled to be part of 12 Months of Martha – where I create something fabulous every month.

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  1. Oh, I love your butterfly 3-D artwork. Very stunning.
    Could name sock monkey – Isaac, which means laughter

  2. I asked my 4 1/2 yr old daughter to come and name your monkey and her suggestion was, “Crocky”…

  3. Your sock monkey looks like he should be called “Rockford” (my 2 yr old grandson likes that choice). I couldn’t quite decide which name I like best: “Nelson” or “Rockford” because that’s the name of the company who & the town in IL where the sock was invented (+ it’s the sock’s style name) in 1932. Other good choices might have been “Herbert” (Hoover was still president in 1932, though he lost the election that November) OR “Franklin” (Roosevelt was elected in 1932 & was the president during the 1930s when the sock monkey first became so popular).

  4. Your Dream art is pinned—–—please submit my entry to win so I can make one too!!!

  5. The sock monkey’s name should be “Toes”. Around our house, sock monkeys get your toes. The sock part of them misses keeping them warm and gets them every chance he has….. haha.

  6. You should def name your sock monkey, Mr Gonzales and then you can call him Gonzo for short 🙂 I am already a follower on Pinterest! Love that you tuck your girls in at night and at 13 years old, they still want you to do so. Girls, You’re never too old to love your Momma and to tell her so.

  7. Love the project! By using cork board and pins you can change it up easily. Clever as always! One of the many reasons I look forward to your messages!

    A name for sock monkey? How about Sockey.

  8. I think the sock monkey name should be “Eloise”
    I’m already a follower on pintrest ane I pinned the
    Dream Art. Thanks for a chance to win and
    be able to make my own Dream Art!

  9. I think a good name would be Mr. Bananas lol real unique huh? Thanks for the giveaway.
    smjohns63 at yahoo dot com

  10. I would name the Monkey “Hammish”. This is the name I wanted for my son. Mark put the kabosh on it instantly, pointing out everyone would shorten his name to “Ham”, then his name would be “Ham Berg”. Whoops……

    You have the cutest night time routine! Kids can be the biggest crack ups. Good thing they are cute and funny, or they might not be as lovable!

  11. Followed, pinned and named: We get real creative in our house with stuffed animal names. We have White Bear, Black Bear, Black Bear #2, Horse, Bunny, (though we do have a Larry the Lemur… we were newbies at the animal naming game…ha) so I would go with dun dun duuunnnn: Sock Monkey. 😉

  12. Love your site Kelly 🙂 . I asked my 5 year old grandson and he said “the monkey’s name is Gus of course”. When I asked him how he knew that his name was Gus, he looked at me like I was asking the craziest question in the world and said “well look at him Grandma, what else would his name be?” LOL! Kids are so cute!

  13. I think Mr. Binford is a fun name for the monkey
    I already follow you on Pinterest and
    I’ve pinned this project.
    Thanks for the fun idea!!

  14. Whoops, didn’t read the instructions right. So, I guess my first comment can be the name for the monkey, this one can state I follow you on Pinterest. Am I doing this right?? Running short on brain cells this morning!!!!

  15. I Pinned this wonderful project. (I don’t know how to add the link to this comment like some others did, but trust me, I really did pin it)
    Can’t wait to get started with my cute little granddaughters. They will love it. Thanks for the creative idea!

  16. After a poll from the kiddos…Bobo or “LT” (short for Long Tail) could be a good monkey name. 🙂

  17. my mentally handicapped sister is a monkey lover and collector so i would name it freckle after her nickname

  18. This is adorable and so is your story about your girls. I have a Vanessa too…only mine is 22 and doesn’t require tucking in anymore 🙂 Sometimes I wish I could. I like that you used a corkboard and pushpins to create this. So cute! And the bedding is pretty fab too 😉

  19. Already a pinterest follower! Cute idea. Never thought about spray painting a corkboard! Those sock monkeys give me the heebie jeebies..sorry!! LOL!!

  20. You are so creative Kelly – this is beautiful! I love how you transformed an ordinary chalkboard into this dreamy art piece! Love the sock monkey too!

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