A Dazzling Sight to Behold – a Town of Luminaries

It’s a dazzling sight to behold.

A Street of Luminaries

Rows of glowing luminaries light up the night in my town on Christmas Eve.

Luminaries on Christmas Eve

An entire community, united on one very special night.

Santa Baby says Let It Snow

And in the true spirit of the season, all money raised goes to those in need.


A blanket of snow falls as if on cue.

Let It Snow, Let It Snow
My favorite gift of the year.

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  1. There’s nothing more beautiful than luminaries and that combined with a Christmas snow…stunning! I had to explain to my 4 year old the reality of snow and living in NC. He was convinced it would snow Christmas Eve – how fun that you got a white Christmas!

  2. Isn’t that the neatest thing! My home town used to do that too when I was growing up. It seems to have faded over the years but it’s definitely time to bring it back. Such a beautiful sight!! Thanx for sharing, brought back great memories!! Shelly

  3. Luminaries are so beautiful and the fresh fallen snow just adds to it! I once lived in a neighborhood that did this and people would come and drive through on Christmas Eve because it was so pretty!

  4. How does this project raise funds? I’d be VERY interested in getting something going here in my little town in Maine!

  5. Oh, you’ve just reminded me of one of my fondest childhood Christmas memories. Several years, our entire block in Chandler, Arizona, would line the walks and sidewalks with luminarios and it was simply beautiful. Our church would also line its drive and parking lot for the candlelight Christmas service. I just loved it, and my sweet groom spent several hours on our mid-December wedding day doing the same for our wedding. I wish I could do this where we currently live, but it’s just too windy!

  6. Hi Kelly! This is just beautiful! There’s a town nearby called Hamilton that does this. I love to drive by and see all of the luminaries – it’s magical! This isn’t Hamilton, is it? LOL It looks so much like it, charming old homes and luminaries! Hope you had a Merry Christmas! Hugs, Leena

  7. My neighborhood in Plymouth, Michigan did this when I was growing up. It was so beautiful. Thank you for sharing.. brings back beautiful memories. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Kelly!

    American girl in Holland

  8. Kelly,
    You are right. This sight is just dazzling, and the fact that it goes to a good cause makes it even more special. How wonderful that you had the bonus of a dusting of snow on the luminaries! Hoping you had a fabulous Christmas and wishing you a happy New Year!

  9. We have a town nearby that used to do that down one winding road. I haven’t been by the last few years to see if they still do it. Either way, it sure wouldn’t be anything compared to that Wintery scene you have as a backdrop there. it was nearly 80 degrees here on Christmas. Love your photographs and seeing the tree glowing through the window.

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