A Penny For Your Thoughts Bathroom Reveal

Girls, clean your bathroom!

Eclectically Vintage Bathroom

Towels are off the floor.

Eclectically Vintage

Countertops sparkle.

Eclectically Vintage Bathroom

Toothpaste splatters have been wiped off the mirror.

Eclectically Vintage

Towels are fluffed.

Eclectically Vintage Bathroom

Tiles are bright as a penny.

Eclectically Vintage Bathroom

Lone socks have found their mates.

Eclectically Vintage Laundry Room

Empty roll of tp has been replaced.

Eclectically Vintage Bathroom

Lights are turned off.

Eclectically Vintage Bathroom

Glitter, nail polish and brushes have found their way into drawers.

Eclectically Vintage Bathroom

Eclectically Vintage Bathroom

Who says it’s hard to keep a kids bathroom clean?

Eclectically Vintage Bathroom

Eclectically Vintage Bathroom

I’d love to show you around my House Tour (I cleaned just for you)!

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  1. Such a bright and cheery, and ever so organized bathroom!…Love the penny tiles….My granddaughter has those same cute owls…they are everywhere in her room, from the walls, to the bed, to the furniture!…and yes..I am in agreement with Laura…love those lights over the mirrors!!

  2. kelly,
    love the pops of color and that the laundry is in the bathroom. great idea. i too would love to know about the light fixture (above the sink). i LOVE it! please tell that you made it and how?!

  3. Hi Kelly,
    So cute! I love all of the details, the floor, the inset in the shower, that shower, the ball fringe on the towels, etc…..Just beautiful! Have a great day, Jen

  4. What an adorable bathroom! Isn’t it wonderful when the kid’s rooms are spotless….even though it only lasts until they get back home. LOL

  5. Kelly…I love the brightness-that window & molding in the window is gorgeous. So fresh! The washer & dryer in that room is GENIUS. Who decided to put laundry in the garage entry anyway? GRRRR. I also love the details of tile, light fixture, and those cute knobs. You rock! Ps…I started my girls doing the laundry a couple years ago-they are 10 & 12 (soon 13 eek) …I started out having them “switch” the washed stuff over to the dryer. Now they fold all of the socks & undies (so much easier on me) and they have to put their clothes away every Sat. They have become really fast at it. Like it’s a challenge. So funny. Anyhow…great post!! 🙂

  6. Was so excited to see the post title in my reader (I’m all about bathrooms these days 🙂 and then I was captivated by your new header! It’s great–colorful and so cute. Just like the bathroom. I’ve got a bathroom/laundry room combo, too. It’s a tough one to pull off, but yours looks great.

  7. Oh Kelly, I can tell I’ve been away from the blogosphere for a while as your site looks totally different! I love it–so fun and colorful. What an adorable bathroom too! So do you mean to tell me that girls get toothpaste on the bathroom mirror too?

  8. Every single detail begs me to stay, especially since you already did all the cleaning, fluffing, replacing and adorable decorating. I bet the kids want to open those drawers constantly with those sweet little knobs. It’s just oh, so cute all the way around.

  9. Amazing, Kelly! I enjoyed all the details….the owls…the knobs….fantastic!
    You can’t imagine how is my teen children bathroom in this moment….
    Congratulations for your kitchen in SSS, I love your style.
    Besos, Silvina

  10. This is adorable, Kelly. My 9 yo granddaughter is sitting here with me as I’m looking at it and thought it is cute and cuddly (her words!). I love the bright and cheery colors and the owl decals are cute too. Congrats on your kitchen feature over on Savvy Southern Style!

  11. Yep. My kid’s bathroom looks equally as clean. They always hang up their towels and rinse out the sink after they brush their teeth …

    What is it with toothpaste everywhere? On walls and cabinets and the mirror? I think I may have even seen some on the ceiling …



  12. Kelly, what a pretty and happy room! I love the color and the little owls. So whimsical. Thank you for sharing. Visiting from DIY Showoff. Would love it if you would share this at my Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House which goes live on Monday at 8am CST. Hope to see you at the bash! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  13. I seriously love it!! So sunny and cheery, and I LOVE owls anywhoooo. ; ) That shower head is AWESOME! I’m even smitten with the window. The unique drawer handles….I could go on. All of it!! I love seeing reveals. And I Tweeted it for all of the others like me. Get your pennies ready! lol

  14. Kelly, I want to copy your towels with the cute stick figure and the dog on the leash. Where can I get a clearer picture? Oh my goodness, the shower head hardware is great as is the glass. You are so creative. Thanks

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