A Shady Place to Rest

Unique Pergola Ideas - love these creative ideas for shade eclecticallyvintge.com

In my mind, my skin glistened in the sun.

In reality, I was a sweaty mess!

So what’s a patio-sitting loving,

vintage glider finding,

outdoor mojito drinking girl to do?

Buy some shade!

That’s just what I did to get some instant gratification.

Eclectic patio - love the mix of old and new kellyelko.com

Now my shady outdoor room is filled with toolboxes and mop buckets and silver pitchers filled with

hydrangeas, mandevilla, geraniums, and of course there’s always room for my vintage gnome.

Beautiful patio furniture - love the hydrangeas too kellyelko.com

Remember my patio pre-shade?

What a difference a little shade makes!

Eclectic patio furniture - love the mix of old and new kellyelko.com

While I do love my cantilevered umbrella,

I still dream of a pergola to cover me while I rest my weary bones.

Check out these beauties.

Unique Pergolas - great ideas for garden shade kellyelko.com

1) Pine Street Carpenters please come to my house and build this pergola asap (the pool wouldn’t hurt either)!

 Love this free standing pool pergola kellyelko.com

2) Valerie’s hubs built her this pergola – nominating him for world’s best hubby!

Cute pergola by the pond kellyelko.com

3) Faidra at CA Global created the most amazing outdoor area that I’d never want to leave.

Outdoor pergola - perfect for over an outdoor kitchen and grill kellyelko.com

4) Oh how I wish I could recreate this pergola in Diana’s yard.  I’m loving the vintage windows too!

Love this pergola with brick columns kellyelko.com

5) Stacy keeps cool in a pergola with drapes and a misting system!

Love this pergola with the curtains for privacy - so pretty! kellyelko.com

6) Serendipity Refined blinged out her pergola with some Pottery Barn knockoff lanterns.

Love these Pottery Barn lantern knockoffs - fun hanging from the pergola kellyelko.com

7) And if I had my dream pergola, I’d hang a tomato cage lantern from it like Peggy from Pig Logs and Tater Berries did.

Make a tomato cage chandelier kellyelko.com

8) Dad, please make this arbored swing for my birthday like Deb’s dad did for her!

Arbor swing pergola - such a cute spot in the garden with climbing roses kellyelko.com

So there you have it.

Pergolas I dream about.

But for now, I’ll be happy with my umbrella…

a mojito…

and relief from the heat.

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  1. I want a pergola sooo bad, I dream of it at night…my nice patio had a wonderful shade tree for years and years..then, it died…and now we are in FULL sun. I NEED a pergola……..BAD !

  2. I do love that giant umbrella you have, definitely need shade if you are going to lounge out of doors. Yours look so inviting, but it is so hot in the summertime where I live, I am heading over to Stacy’s house for that misting system. Good for my pores too.

  3. Oh Kelly, How awesome is your porch/backyard??? I love your style and taste. Thanks for sharing with us!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Ooooh…love your umbrella! We have a huge shade tree on one side of out patio, but if we didn’t, I’d be begging for a pergola too. The patio looks fabulous…perfect for mojito drinking! I love the mandevilla! This is the first year that I didn’t buy one…maybe I’ll have to hunt one down now!

  5. Wish I had gotten a better picture of the one I was under a few weeks ago for a team softball party – gorgeous and filled with wisteria vines, just the way it should be. Great group of inspiring pictures.

  6. Love your patio, looks so inviting. Back in Pa, I had a flagstone patio too and do miss it. Pine Street carpenters Sounds familiar,I think they are from West Chester where I used to live.

  7. Love all these pretty outdoor spaces. Nothing better than a beautiful place to enjoy the outdoors–
    Thanks for joining the party at Share the Love Wednesday!

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