A Welcoming Guest Bathroom & 3 Ingredient Lemon Salt Scrub

3 Ingredient Lemon Salt Scrub Recipe - this smells amazing and makes the perfect gift!  kellyelko.com

Your hubs calls with this announcement:

his buddy and family are coming to visit in two days!

Once the initial shock wears offΒ and you’ve stopped ranting & raving,

it’s time to get busy.

Quick, check the bathroom to make sure it’s guest ready.

After you clean like a mad woman,

it’s time to access the bathroom situation.

1) Plenty of fresh, fluffy towels.

2) Fill a container (like this thrift store Italian shell planter) with those often forgotten essentials

(you’ll be a hero if someone forgets her toothbrush)!

3) No searching for extra tp when it’s stored within eyeshot!

4) Fresh flowers.

5) A drinking glass for every guest.

This fun trio of babushkas fits the bill!

6) Disposable hand towels (who wants to share that one guest towel that hangs limply by the sink?).

7) Home made salt scrub.

This lemony goodness scrub is soΒ deliriously amazing that your guests may never leave (heaven forbid!) …

so make a batch for them to use at your house then bring home with them when their stay is over.

Simple 3 Ingredient Homemade Salt Scrub Recipe:

How to make your own lemon salt scrub - this smells amazing!  kellyelko.com

* 2 cups fine sea salt
* 1/2 cup olive oil
* 1 tbsp fresh lemon zest
* combine in bowl then put in cute container (like this vintage mason jar)!
* tie on a vintage silver spoon (custom stamped spoons available in my Etsy shop)
* gift tag (I found the bathtub clipart here)

3 Ingredient Lemon Salt Scrub Recipe - this smells amazing and makes the perfect gift!  kellyelko.com

Here’s to being prepared for the unexpected.

Like this?

You’ll love my Brown Sugar Body Scrub – with just 4 ingredients!

Brown Sugar Body Scrub & free printable tag kellyelko.com

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  1. Lovely. Just lovely my dear Kelly!! Very inspiring. Love the salt scrub idea, too.
    Your guests won’t ever want to leave πŸ˜‰
    Make it a wonderful day!

  2. When can I come? πŸ™‚ Sounds like being a guest in your home is quite a treat Kelly and I absolutely love all of your preparations. You are one fabulous hostess with the mostess my friend!

  3. Love your cute ideas for the family bath. I have made a scrub similar to that with coconut oil and sea salt with essential oils. I came over from Thistle… Thanks . Now I will drop in at Kleenex hand towels.

  4. What a welcoming guest bath….I might just show up and never leave! πŸ™‚ Love all the thoughtful details from the bucket of extras in case your visitor “forgets” something, to the luxurious scrub. Thanks so much for the great ideas!

  5. So lovely! Thanks for the “recipe”. You TP can holder is so cute!

    Hope you will stop by for my fun giveaway: a glass bottle cheese platter. It’s so unique!

  6. I love the article the things you have found to put things I love! but..I went to your eyst store and you have nothign there for sale???

    1. Hi Brenda – I need to add some new items – the last spoon just sold. I do everything custom so if you want something special stamped, just let me know (you can convo me thru Etsy or reply here). Then I can create a custom reserved order for you in your name.

  7. Kelly: Love your website. Can you tell me where you got your awesome little glasses? They are so adorable. I am guessing they are vintage though. Thanks.

      1. Kelly: Thanks for the fast reply. I will have to run over to Target in my down time and see if they have them. Thanks again.

  8. What an adorable set up. I’m lovin those little cups. I saw something like them in some magazine recently, but can’t remember which one, I have so many! Too cute!

  9. Thank you for this wonderful idea. I am planning on homemade Christmas items this year, both because things are tight financially and because I think it is nicer to get something personal, and this scrub will do nicely! I havea other recipe for a lip scrub and I think I will make both for my friends and family.

    I found your lovely blog through a feature on I Gotta Create and am so glad I stopped by. Now I am your newest follower! Thank you again for sharing.

  10. Quick question I forgot to ask, do you have any idea how long this scrub “keeps” fresh? The ingredients are pretty straightforward but I wonder if it would stay indefinitely? Did you refrigerate it? Thanks for any advice you can provide.

    1. Hi Maureen – I don’t refrigerate mine and really have no idea how long it will “keep”. From everything I’ve read online, no homemade oil based scrubs say anything about refrigeration. So glad you’re making these as gifts and I love the idea of a lip scrub too! Kelly

  11. I think you officially win “Hostess of the Year” with this post! Wow, this is a really great way to quickly spruce up the guest bathroom and make guests feel extra-welcome. Thank you!!

  12. Instead of using the Canola oil as an Oil base for any sugar scrubs, try using an Oil that has Health and therapeutic advantages like:
    Olive Oil, Jojoba oil or Grapeseed Oil or even Almond Oil. They are way much better for the skin than the canola.
    Homemade Scrubs are the best to give, I just love them!!!
    Merry Christmas

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