Exceptionally Eclectic – Bold, Bright, Beachy Bathroom

Beach bathroom decor …

Beach Bathroom Decor - love the colors kellyelko.com




Kella MacPhee, photojournalist extraordinaire, has style to spare!

Beach Bathroom Decor - love this mix of colors kellyelko.com

Her Jersey shore (I told you Jersey girls rock!) cottage was built in the 1930’s …

by boy scouts!

Beachy Bathroom - love the industrial tp holder kellyelko.com

By the way, here’s the before.

Amazing before and after of this fun beachy bathroom kellyelko.com

She really knows how to mix in vintage style.

Even her tp holder is cool!

Fun Beach Bathroom Decor - love the industrial touches kellyelko.com

Beach Bathroom - love the storage ideas kellyelko.com

Not only does Kella have an amazing bathroom and photography biz but

she and her hubs also own the Suburban Camping Co.

Suburban Camping Company - go glamping! kellyelko.com

This is camping to the extreme!

They’ll transform your yard into a stylish campsite filled with vintage finds, s’mores, outdoor movies, whatever your outdoor loving heart desires.

And here’s just a peek at more of Kella’s cottage.

Beach Cottage Tour kellyelko.com

Did I tell you she has style or what?

So visit Kella’s site

her Etsy shop, Bold Pigeon, full of fun vintage finds …

or at Suburban Camping Co.

Now I’m just trying to figure out how to throw a fabulous Suburban Camping Co. party for my girls’ birthdays…

in freezing cold November (why couldn’t’ they have been summer babies)?!


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  1. Nice color choice! I feel your girls pain with the winter birthday. My birthday is in November, also and my sister’s was in July. When we lived in Arizona, she always got a pool party…wah..wah…not me! It’s okay, though…I’m over it now! Why not celebrate their birthdays TWICE!

  2. I love a lady who embraces color! So fun. So bold. Will she come out to Chicago and set up a camping party for my daughter’s b-day … it’s coming up fast!

    Kelly, as always, another fabulous find! I don’t know why Jersey gets such a bad rap …



  3. From one Jersey Shore girl to another, brava! 🙂 I love that bathroom…just love! I’m really digging the TP holder (pipe? hose connector thingie??) and using the wire basket for spare rolls.

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