Fab Friday Finds – A Tale of Brimfield

There once was a girl with burnished flowing locks (with no gray roots!) and hazel eyes.

She loved nothing more than scouring her kingdom for antiques and vintage finds for her cottage.

A happy life she did possess but for one small desire.

To travel to the land of Brimfield.

A magical place where people would journey in the hopes of finding treasures.

So one day, this girl packed her carriage (not a white minivan),

gathered two hand maidens (her friend Lisa and her sis Colleen)


and off they went on their journey to a far away land (3 hours away).

Amazing sights they did behold at this enormous place called Brimfield.

The girl dreamed of finding the perfect sign and the hunt did proceed.


Demijohns all in a row. Β Perfect for some royal wine.

A pug named Erin, a frenchie called Olivia and a flying daredevil we did behold.

She coveted this huge metal sign.

But alas, at $2,600 is was not to be.

Oh how the girl laughed when she discovered these old metal railroad steps …

because she already had one of her very own!

train steps

Colors of the rainbow were a sight to see.

With sadness she did walk away from these barn doors with original sliding hardware.

She really has an inflated ego – that girl!

Imagine the parchment transcripts that were cataloged here.

Thrones were aplenty.

This would be perfect for young lads and lassies to hang their cloaks.

If the land of New Jersey was written on these stars, the girl would have brought one home for sure.

A big royal red E beckoned to her.

Collectors in her land would have been bowing down in awe.

This would look amazing in the cottage garden.

What We Brought Back to Our Cottages

My royal handmaiden Colleen (my fabulous sister!) is the proud owner of a wallpaper pasting table (similar to my find)!

As well as the most magnificent antique shoe rack (that I covet and want to keep for myself if I had the space)!

This was the first find of the day …

metal cups stuck to rustic wood (what’s not to love)!

A royal dance of joy was broken out when the girl spotted this fabulous 3-piece bamboo table for handmaiden Lisa.

While the girl continued her exhaustive search high and low for the perfect sign, Lisa managed to snag this behemoth for her hubs man cave.

After helping her ladies with their fabulous finds, the girl was thrilled to bring home:

three enormous glass fishing buoys for her collection

and a few vintage wooden sock stretchers (does she have plans of them).


Although the girl with the flowing locks did not find the sign of her dreams,

she left the land of Brimfield exhausted but joyous

and vowed to someday return again.


Make sure you’re prepared for the flea and read my

Cool Girl’s Flea Market Prep List before you go.

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  1. Check out the Summit Antiques Center 511 Morris Ave. Summit N.J. We always have cool signs.

  2. it looks like so much fun! after emailing my mom to get some tips for you, she and i tentatively made plans to go next year. πŸ™‚

  3. Love every single thing you showed me and I want more. I’m also on the hunt for the perfect sign. I want one for my dining room, one for the bedroom and a small one for our cottage. I’ve only been looking for 3 years but I’m certain it’s any day now.
    What a treat to go to Brimfield!
    Thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚

  4. awesome finds!!! fabulous trip and that library card catalog unit is probably more gorgeous than the sistine chapel! HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!!!! looks like tons of fun and the dogs — well the were the icing on the cake for this girl!!! hugs…

  5. What a wonderful tale to behold, had a wonderful time with the fair maidens! Love my fabulous finds! I would highly recommend cheking it out for yourself!

  6. I loved your creative writing on this post. Alas, this princess dreams of travelling to the kingdom of Brimfield herself but it such a far carriage ride from Wisconsin. It is on my someday wish list!

  7. Whoa! What’s with the price of that sign? It seems it’s made of gold and those are just far too heavy for hanging, anyway. BTW, where does your sister live ‘cuz I’m coming to steal that shoe cart!! I would LOVE to run across one of those. Today, my post is all about the fab Friday finds I made at a local estate sale. Nothing quite as fab as a shoe cart, though.

  8. Awesome post, Kelly! I feel like I was there {which is good because I will probably never make it there…sob}. I LOVE those demijohns, the card catalog, and the wallpaper table the best. Your royal-kingdom writing was fun to read, too, but methinks you probably got tired of doing it by the end! πŸ˜‰

  9. Awesome treasures!! I dream of going there some day. I made it to Luckett’s this year so you just never know πŸ™‚ Happy Friday!

  10. It was so much fun, and wouldn’t have been near as fun without your great eye, but you forgot to mention the fabulous lobster roll, BBQ pulled pork, and extra crispy french fries!

  11. I don’t know what it is officially called but that wind thing for the cottage garden could also double as a crown for your head since you are a thrifting queen.


  12. Princess Kelly….glad you got your auburn locks done in time for the Brimfield show. What is up with me? How lame that I read your post….laughed so hard….and just now commenting. Don’t tell the castle guards or they will throw me in the moat πŸ™‚

    πŸ™‚ me

  13. I may need to be thrown in the moat with Thistle .. because I’m just as lame … because I read your post first thing this AM and laughed along, enjoyed the adventure immensely … and then didn’t leave a comment!

    I think this may be my favorite all-time post of yours …



  14. Great finds – and a fabulous sum up! Glad you went, hopefully we can try to meet up in the fall if it works out. Take care, Laura

  15. Oh my that shoe rack…..I want one to turn into a “drink station” in my dining room. Looks like you had a great time. I don’t get it though – why didn’t you buy that $2600 sign????

  16. I can’t believe how much I examined EVERY SINGLE picture!!! Oh my, that would be my died and gone to heaven type of getaway. And I am grieving over the fact that you had to walk away from that Cape Cod Cookie sign and those barn doors. This is hilarious that you were the “Home Talk Girls”, like the “Coors Light Girls”. Now that would have been a sight if you all showed up in bikinis with Home Talk across the rear end!!!! It looks like you all had a fabulous time. I love living vicariously through your flea market finds. Thanks for taking me along. -K

  17. What a FABULOUS time! Id love to go to this! What I wouldnt give to have a library catalog! Thats it now I have Library catalog ENVY!!!!! lol

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  19. WOW! First of all, SO JEALOUS of those amazing glass floats you snagged! What an awesome addition to your collection πŸ™‚ If I go to Brimfield in September, I’m definitely keeping an eye out for some of those babies!

    Besides the floats, you found so many awesome things – especially love the license plate stars and the barn doors and the wood catalog unit and the big letters. And the dogs are super-cute πŸ™‚

    Thanks for sharing all your great finds, and for your flea market prep list. It’ll come in handy if I make it to Brimfield πŸ™‚

  20. Brimfield has been on my list for years. It doesn’t help that I’m on the other side of the country, but one of these days. Love it all especially those railroad steps, card catalog, lockers, and those fabulous buoys you bought. Thanks so much for taking us along.

  21. I so enjoyed you tale of the land of Brimfield. I’ve been lucky enough to travel to the kingdom of Brimfield for the last three years. My daughters, my best friend and myself spend the week full of girl talk and great junking. Thank you for sharing your adventure with me.



  22. What a great post Kelly! Loved all the eye candy pictures of the wonderful treasures to be found at Brimfield. I hope to go there someday with a giant pickup truck and lots of money! LOL Congrats on those glass fishing buoys – gorgeous!

  23. I, like the maiden am searching for a huge sign and having about as much luck. From reading your post, I feel like I just saved a bundle by not being able to go to Brimfield! It sure was fun watching you all shop. Thanks!

  24. I was waiting for this post… How the HECK did I miss it??? Well, anyhow. Looks like fun was had by all πŸ™‚ I was looking in the background at all the goodies. What an awesome shopping experience!!

    Three cheers for the Hometalk Girls!!! Even though you didn’t have beer πŸ˜‰

  25. Hi Kelly, Looks like so much fun! Love all the treasures you gals found and I look forward to seeing where you put the glass floats. Thanks for linking to the Open House Party this week.

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