Aloha from Hawaii

Gorgeous black sand beach Maui, Hawaii

Aloha Maui.

I returned home with amazing memories of turquoise water and waterfalls …

Waterfall on the Road to Hana in Maui, Hawaii

and dreamy sunsets.

Hawaii sunset

A few souvenirs made their way home too …

found coral collected on beautiful beaches, a carved turtle like the many we saw while snorkeling and an original painting of a scene I saw on my morning walks.

Hawaii souvenirs

My favorite souvenir …

amazing memories with my family.

Hawaii vacation

Now if only I can find someone to bring me fruity drinks in pineapples here in New Jersey.

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  1. Sounds like a beautiful vacation
    Love our Jersey Shore but can’t think of any place where they would have fruit drink delivery on the beach
    You could go to the Watermark in Asbury Park and have a lovely cocktail overlooking the beach

    Savor your vacation memories

  2. You have a lovely family so glad you some fun with them. Hawaii is a great place to visit and you brought back some wonder memories. Ralax and have a great week.

  3. Looks like you had a lovely time; I lived in Kaneohe, HI (windward side) for 5 years in the mid-1980s and would have stayed longer if I could have (mostly was too expensive for me at the time to stay any longer). I loved every minute of my life there and would go back to live in a heart-beat. I loved it ALL. I still have some of my trinkets from there (including little Xmas ornaments made with coral pieces and a stunning blown glass tree topper and a pretty little hawaiian hula dancer in bone china).

      1. It was pretty amazing living there. I visited every island when I was lived there, spending 2-3 days per island. Took me almost 2 years before I left Oahu to see other islands because I was working full time there but oh my, it was worth every single second that I lived there. My first month living there, November 1982, we got hit by Hurricane Iwa and then Kilauea started erupting in January 1983. And I met Tom Selleck while he was filming Magnam PI right around the corner from where I lived when he was filming an episode – I was walking to work and this was on a side street near a local mall, which I used to ‘cut through’ to walk from my apartment to mall – they were on a break from filming and he was gracious and let me take pictures! What great memories (and photo albums) I have of my life there!

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