Make Simple Valentine Party Decorations


Fun Valentine Party Decorations you can make!

I remember giant bear hugs from two girls with sticky little fingers.

Fun Valentine Party Decorations you can make!

I still get hugs but also a lot of eye rolls.

Guess it comes with the 13 year old territory.

Vintage Pyrex Valentine Centerpiece

They are somewhere between cuddling their pillow pets and having secret crushes.

So why not celebrate by letting them laugh with good friends while not worrying about boys or who’s popular or who said this about that.

For one night, they can be those sticky fingered little girls all over again.

Make these Valentine lantern luminaries

Lovely Lanterns

*draw a heart and trace onto scrapbook paper (I used Martha Stewart Valentine Paper Pad – which is fabulously heavy weight, double sided  – some glittered, some embossed!)
*cut hearts out with exacto knife
*punch a hole on each side of the paper
*tie to your light fixture with ribbon (I used Martha Stewart Glitter Eyelash)
*turn on lights and watch the room glow


Make pop up Valentine place mats

Pop-Up Place Mats

*simply use a piece of scrapbook paper that is double sided (I used Martha Stewart Valentine Paper Pad)
*use an exacto knife to cut a heart 3/4 of the way around and push it through the paper for a fun pop-up
*punch some hearts (Martha Stewart Heartbeat Punch) around the bottom edge for some added pizazz

 Fun do it yourself Valentine party decorations


Make a glitter heart candle holder

Blinged Heart Votives

* place a heart stencil (I sprayed repositionable spray adhesive on the back so stencil wouldn’t slip) onto a glass votive (dollar store)
* brush glue (came with Martha Stewart Metallic Craft Glitter) onto glass stencil area (a little goes a long way)
* sprinkle glitter onto gluey heart and remove stencil (tap glass on counter to get rid of excess glitter)
* repeat on other 3 sides and let dry

Valentine goody bags

Goody Bags

What says Valentine’s Day more than pink chevron gift bags (Pick Your Plum), filled with life savers and sealed with a bon bon sticker (Martha Stewart Bon Bon Stickers).

Vintage Pyrex Centerpiece


Be Mine #Valentine Party (lots of simple #craft ideas here)!

Of course, no Valentine party is complete without a Cupid’s Float – get the recipe here!


Let’s get this party started.

And remember, girls rule and boys drool – for now anyway.


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  1. Hang in there with teen years, I know you’ve got double. My mom tells me I was a real peach. LOL. What a perfectly fun party you put together! I am sure they loved it 🙂 And their momma too <3

  2. Love those bowls! Seriously! I know what you mean about days of sticky fingers….sometimes I feel like life is rushing by and I want to hold on to every day I can! Love the post!

    Have a great day rock star!

  3. I am in love with your vintage Pyrex, in LOVE! The girlie party sounds perfect, I wouldn’t want to be 13 again but I would love to go to a party like that 😉 Hope it’s fun. Found your link at Be Inspired, thanks for sharing all the beauty with us.


  4. Can I be included on the guest list next year? How cute is this! Good mommy. They will still love this when they are seniors in HS, even though they may not admit it.

  5. Pyrex “Butterprint”. Got a set of them as a wedding present in 1968…..OMG….I am old!! I still have them (although not the husband!)

  6. loved seeing this butterprint pyrex pattern as it is what i grew up with and i have a few pieces still.

    found you vis tuesday’s treasures and hope you’ll have a moment to pop by!

    smiles to you.


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