My Year with Martha!


Remember when I met Martha?

Well ever since then, I knew it was destiny that our paths would cross again – we are both Jersey girls after all.


My BFF Martha Stewart and I are joining forces for “12 Months of Martha”!


Every month, I’ll anxiously peer out my window searching for the mailman to deliver a surprise package from Martha …


and starting tomorrow, I’ll share a Martha inspired project every month throughout the year.

Eclectically Vintage

 Photo:  Frederic LaGrange 

I’m still waiting for my invitation to Skylands …

Martha, if you’re reading this, call me.

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  1. What a catchy post! I love a lot of Martha Stewert’s items and was very disappointed when she severed ties with K-mart. I never visit that store anymore. Hey Kelly with your social savvy skills she might just get wind of your posts and together you can form a partnership? Hey, you never know…….

  2. You better watch it, don’t get on her bad side. Word is that Martha has a potty mouth and can swear like a trucker when she is annoyed. So fun you and Martha have a little “thing” going!! I can’t wait to see what you two are creating together. While you are at it, ask Martha if you can take over her public appearances for a while. You would be so much more fun, you would pronounce tomato tomato and not TOHMAHTOH. And herbs are herbs and HHHHERBS! Definitely, this new thing you have going is a good thing.

  3. Hey! I’m a Jersey Girl too! Born and raised! I think this should include me with a invite to Skyland too! Jersey girls unite! And @ Karen, potty mouths don’t bother Jersey girls, we taught the truckers their vocabulary 🙂

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