The Perfect Personalized $2 Song Lyric Plate

Make a Personalized Song Lyric Plate - the perfect gift!

Don’t you just love eureka moments?

When the planets align and you come up with the most amazing idea ever …

that’s simple …

and cheap …

and fabulous …

well, I could go on but you get the picture.

$2 DIY Song Lyric Plate - this is fabulous! Personalize for any occasion - makes a perfect gift! And it's NOT a sharpie!

That’s the story of my song lyric plate.

Last year, when I had about three faithful readers (thanks mom!), I shared this project.

So in case you missed it, here it is again in all it’s simple, cheap, fabulous glory!

$2 DIY Song Lyric Plate - this is fabulous! Personalize for any occasion - makes a perfect gift! And it's NOT a sharpie!

I’m happy to report that this is my hubs go to plate and it’s held up through about 200 dish washer cycles.

Best $2 ever spent.


See how I made the personalized song lyric here – and no, I didn’t use a Sharpie but something even better.


P.S. Special thanks to Sister Celine and all the other nuns for my penmanship skills!


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  1. I remember this project from last year because I tried to make one – it was a huge fail for me. I could not get my lines right. I can’t remember if I used the tape – probably not. I’m pretty impatient, which is most likely why I failed! I may try it again because it’s such a great idea!

    1. Maybe if you did a test run on some parchment paper first, and use it as a guide it turn out better for you. That way you can work out the kinks first….

  2. Kelly,
    I remember when you posted about this last year. I’ve had the intentions of doing some plates but have yet to get around to it. I have a stash of those pens so I should find the time. Thanks for the reminder of another project that I’ve been putting off. LOL
    Have a wonderful week.

  3. I remember seeing this, as well and thinking, “Don’t even try it, Jean, you’ll just have a few nice words with a bunch of scribbles on your plate.” And based on the number of typos I had while typing that last sentence, I know it would be true! Yours came out great!

  4. This is one of MY faves, too! I truly want to try this; however, I’m afraid that I’ll run out of room with my crazy handwriting … think I could continue it on the back?! Hee her. Seriously, though, how do you judge for spacing at the bottom?

  5. Kelly, I love this idea. What a beautiful job you did on it! I am definitely going to be looking for some more white plates so I can try this. I’ve used the glass paints on Christmas ornaments but never on a plate. It looks really great! Congratulations on the Martha connection!!

  6. Oh, so glad I saw this over at Funky Junk’s link party this morning! I’ve been playing around with doodling on mugs and am loving the results. I’m trying different markers to see what works best. I was just looking at white plates yesterday and thinking how much I would love to make a complete set of dishes with my doodles but didn’t think it would make it through the dishwasher for very long. You’ve given me the courage to give it a try!! Thanks so much for the information on the pen you used. Also – you can see my mug here:

    Have a great weekend!

  7. I just discovered your page through Pinterest. I love your ideas! I started a blog but don’t know enough about it to make it interesting. Thanks for all of the ideas!

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