Top Eclectic Home Tours


Top Eclectic Home Tours - something for everyone!

69 …

it’s a magic number.


Over the past 2 years, I’ve had the pleasure of featuring some of the most fabulous eclectic home tours.

From farmhouse …

to mid century modern …

to shabby chic …

there’s something for everyone.


So let’s take a walk down memory lane by re-visiting these Eclectic Homes.

Click here to see all of the stunningly beautiful Eclectic Home Tours!


Here’s to having your own unique decorating style and creating a home that you love!

Stay tuned for more eclectic goodness in 2014.


P.S. My home is the definition of eclectic – come on in!

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  1. Kelly,
    I hope your Christmas was wonderful. LOVE, Love, Love the collection of homes! Thanks for gathering them all together at one time and sharing them. What a fun way to spend some time this morning. (I WAS REALLY dreading getting started on the laundry)

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