Little Blue Houses and a Big Change

I’m going bold! I have plans to transform the look of my house with paint and I’m sharing my favorite blue house exteriors in my neighborhood for inspiration.

Blue House Exteriors - go bold with exterior paint #bluehouses #bluepaint #curbappeal #bluehouse #paintcolors #exteriorpaint #blueexteriors

I’m feeling blue – all the blue houses!

After nine years, I’ve decided to totally transform the look of my house with a paint makeover. It’s going to go from drab sage green to a bold and beautiful (not the soap opera) deep navy blue that will really pop!


Old house with green paint - love the dormers, front porch and landscaping #oldhouse #curbappeal #paintcolors #exteriorpaint

Not bad but the green gets lost among all the greenery and I’m looking for a major wow factor.

So I walked around my neighborhood and chose some of my favorites …

I LOVE THIS HOUSE! The color, all the white trim, the window details, the porch and even the American flag.

Blue House Exteriors - go bold with exterior paint like this dark blue with white trim #bluehouses #bluepaint #curbappeal #bluehouse #paintcolors #exteriorpaint #blueexteriors

I love the deep blue of this stunner and the fish scale shingles at the top of the house combined with the metal porch roof.

Blue House Exteriors - go bold with exterior paint like this dark blue with white trim and metal roof #bluehouses #bluepaint #curbappeal #bluehouse #paintcolors #exteriorpaint #blueexteriors

This blue is a little lighter than what I’m envisioning but I do love it – especially when paired with that amazing stone foundation.

Blue House Exteriors - go bold with exterior paint like this beautiful blue with white trim and stone foundation #bluehouses #bluepaint #curbappeal #bluehouse #paintcolors #exteriorpaint #blueexteriors

I can’t decide if this house is blue or gray but it’s beautiful in either case.

Blue House Exteriors - go bold with exterior paint like this stunning old home #bluehouses #bluepaint #curbappeal #bluehouse #paintcolors #exteriorpaint #blueexteriors

You can’t go wrong with a bold red front door and this house really stands out on a street filled with beige.

Blue House Exteriors - go bold with exterior paint like this beautiful blue with white trim and red front door #bluehouses #bluepaint #curbappeal #bluehouse #paintcolors #exteriorpaint #blueexteriors

My house is half shingle and half stucco so I like to see how the blue paint looks on stucco (which tends to look darker than shingles).

Blue House Exteriors - go bold with exterior paint like this blue stucco home with white trim and black shutters #bluehouses #bluepaint #curbappeal #bluehouse #paintcolors #exteriorpaint #blueexteriors

How amazing is this old Victorian! It’s lighter than I plan on painting but it’s too stunning not to share.

Beautiful blue home exteriors - love this antique Victorian home with tons of curb appeal #bluehouses #bluepaint #blueexteriors #victorian #victoriahouse #architecture

Do you have a favorite?

Painting should be starting soon and I can’t wait to share my “new” blue house.

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  1. You have an absolutely beautiful home. My favorite paint color is the last one. Adds just enough pop of color.

  2. Hi Kelly – I absolutely love the first home in your list. The dark blue is stunning. Your windows and white trim will really pop against the blue. Can’t wait to see the results!

  3. We plan on painting our home this summer also. I keep going back and forth on navy blue or a dark grey. Can’t wait to see your home painted and the color you picked. And by the way I love the first house but REALLY dislike the color of the last one.

  4. I liked the first one or the one with the red door. I love your home and it will be beautiful when it is finished, i will be waiting to see how it looks and the change it makes. Don’t get too excited, i can just see me i’d be pacing and walking outside every hour so i would have to go spend the day out of town.

  5. Kelly I like the dark blue too!
    Really pretty! Can’t wait to see it! I’ve really been missing your awesome vintage home posts and great sense of humor! My peonies are about to pop and they remind me of you and your posts with them in cool vintage containers!

    1. Thanks so much Becky! I’ve been slacking in the blogging department – kids about to graduate high school and I’m trying to pack in as much time with them as I can! Stay tuned for a peony post next week!

  6. My house was a drab sage green before I had it painted last fall. Body Is Sherwin Williams RoycroftPewter, a dark gray-blue , trim Spare White , and with red front door called Fireweed. It turned out great!

  7. I love the first one too. I would love to go dark too, but I live in the middle of a field so I’m worried about fading. You must be so excited for this to happen. I can’t wait to see it. Which one is Sushi’s favorite? ?

    1. My painter told me with today’s paint, fading isn’t as much of an issue as in the past so fingers crossed! Sushi loves the first house too (I could tell because she decided to leave her mark all over their front lawn)!!

  8. Kelly, I love all the blue colors! I bet any of these you colors choose will be beautiful on your home!

  9. I also love the first house color, as it is so rich and stunning! A real eye catcher , but, please add a flag too your home as well, one feature I love to see,, a home proud of our country. Loking forward to seeing the finished project!, Good luck,

  10. What a lovely home you have. Although, if I might say so…. it’s not really a “little house”. Lol… I’m sure it will be beautiful when it’s all done. Enjoy the results… looking forward to seeing it.

  11. OMG, I’ve found three of my dream homes. I would do anything to own one of them. They are drop dead gorgeous. Thank you so much for posting these fabulous homes. Wow!

          1. Is hale navy the same color as the first house you posted with the American flag?

  12. Hi Kelly.
    Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures. I am in the processing of painting the exterior of my house in the next week! I am was so undecided about going darker or lighter as the entire feel of the house will change drastically based on the color I will paint it (I have a bow house). The color now is a med/deep gray and I am thinking of a much darker navy blue such as BJM’s Polo. Its very rich and will look navy in the sunlight and almost black in the shade/dark. Trims will be white and I am debating a blue door. Very nervous but excited!
    Can’t wait to see pictures of your project.

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