Brass Bells Christmas Decor Ideas

Sleigh bells ring! Over the years, brass bells have become a hot decorating trend so I thought it would be fun to share some of the more creative ways I’ve seen them displayed, where to buy them, and I’m even sharing some very creative and inexpensive DIY brass bells you can make for pennies! So if you want more brass bells Christmas decor ideas, you can ring my bell!

Molly in Maine says “the fireplace is one of my favorite spots to decorate seasonally. I found the vintage artillery basket and large bells at a local resale/vintage store a couple years ago. Greens, giant sugar pinecones, and a triple bow are naturally festive!”

Brass Bells Vintage Basket Mantel

Gorgeous Christmas mantel with natural greenery garland, pinecones, basket and brass bells

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Pottery Barn sells this gorgeous brass bell wall art but it is not cheap! The large number of bells hanging from a pole really do make a big impact.

This brass bell wall art is much more affordable!

Brass Bells Christmas Decor Ideas - Love this beautiful set of bells from Pottery Barn

I love to add my lone brass bell to my front door wreath but this one from Kris at Driven by Decor takes it up a notch with a trio of brass bells and pretty plaid ribbon.

Gorgeous greenery swag with brass bells and red ribbon

Jen from The Chronicles of Home uses a trio of differently sized brass bells on her Christmas mantel.

Brass Bell Christmas Mantel

Gorgeous brass bells on the mantel

Rachel at Shades of Blue created this olive branch wreath and topped it off with a cluster of mini brass bells.

DIY Olive Branch Wreath 

DIY Olive Branch Wreath

I love the smaller brass bells strung from chunky rope cascading down Rachel of Maison de Pax’s Christmas mantel.

Cascading Brass Bells Mantel

Love this Christmas mantel with cascading brass bells

Make a statement on a bannister with a variety of differently sizes brass bells like these from Finding Lovely. She paired them ribbons in brown and cream.

Brass Bell Bannister

Brass bell and natural green garland Christmas stairs

Christmas bannister with magnolia leaves and brass bells

If silver is more your style, this beautiful silver bell garland on Annette of Azure Farm incorporates it into her Christmas mantel beautifully (her marble herringbone tile is also the same as my kitchen backsplash).

Silver Bell Garland Mantel

Beautiful mantel with star lights and silver bells

If you want the look of brass bells but don’t want the cost, you can make your own like Cara from The Inspired Workshop did and can you believe most of her supplied were found in her recycling bin!

DIY Christmas Bells

DIY Brass Bells

Can you believe Tania of Little Vintage Cottage created these brass bells from toilet paper rolls?!

DIY Toilet Paper Roll Brass Bells

DIY Brass Bells

Or make these brass bells from Dollar Store supplies like Katie at Little House of Four did.

DIY Dollar Store Vintage Brass Bells

DIY Brass Bells

If you can’t get enough brass bells, Andrea of Pine and Prospect Home created the cutest free printables!

Free Brass Bell Printable

Free Brass Bells Printable

So liven up a wreath, bannister, garland, or mantel with bells or make some of your own so you can …

just hear those sleigh bells jingling, ring-ting-tin-gl-ing too!

Here are some of my favorite brass bells!

You can hover your mouse over the pics to see the price or click each pic to shop.

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  1. Oh! I am a regular subscriber to your blog and imagine my surprise when I see MY DIY BELLS in your post!! Thank you so much for sharing them! And beautiful ideas for bells!


  2. I have a few small ones but, would love to have some of those bigger ones. These ideas are hard to pick from but thanks for sharing, it was fun!!

  3. Wow, I never really knew much about these brass bells but they are all so beautiful! Thank you for sharing the DIY’s.

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