Chalk it Up: a Dozen Creative Chalkboard Ideas


12 Best #Chalkboard Ideas plus tips and tricks for creating your own unique chalkboard art!

I’m still traumatized from having to stand in front of the entire class, chalk in my quivering hand, until I figured out the world’s hardest math problem (I still have nightmares about Sister Celine).

That doesn’t stop me from loving chalkboards …

as long as they don’t involve algebra or calculus.


Remember the deal of the century on my antique chalkboard from the nun’s rummage sale?

And the giant green chalkboard that’s now sitting on my mantel.

I can’t seem to resist a chalkboard and here are a dozen of my favorite chalkboard ideas.


Chalkboard stairs showcased on Houston Lifestyles are perfect for spelling out any fun saying.

Chalkboard Stairs - one of 12 unique chalkboard ideas

Sweet dreams will be yours if you are lucky enough to fall asleep under this chalkboard headboard  on HGTV with the cutest silhouette.

Chalkboard Headboard - one of 12 unique chalkboard ideas

You’ll never forget milk again with this cute chalkboard clipboard to jot down all of your grocery needs from Anderson and Grant.

Chalkboard Clipboard - one of 12 unique chalkboard ideas

Sweet Athena shares her cute chalkboard candles – they really light up my life.

Chalkboard Candles - one of 12 unique chalkboard ideas

Need a fire but don’t have a working fireplace?  Look no further than Sophia’s Decor faux chalkboard fireplace.

Chalkboard Fireplace - one of 12 unique chalkboard ideas

Great use for a dumpster dive find is a how to chalkboard a window from Shabby Creek Cottage.

How to make a chalkboard window - one of 12 unique chalkboard ideas

Can’t decide between white or stainless steel?  How about a chalkboard refrigerator from Killer B. Designs.

Chalkboard refrigerator - one of 12 unique chalkboard ideas

How fun is this chalkboard back to school art from The Lily Pad Cottage … aka, the Queen of Chalkboards!

Back to School Chalkboard Art - one of 12 unique chalkboard ideas

Turn an old metal box into a chalkboard planter like this one from French Blue Cottage.

Chalkboard Planter - one of 12 unique chalkboard ideas

Menu du jour is this cute chalkboard menu on a slab of wood from Eighteen25.

Chalkboard Menu on Wood Slice - one of 12 unique chalkboard ideas


Then of course there’s my chalkboard lampshade – ready to welcome everyone who enters.

Chalkboard Lampshade - one of 12 unique chalkboard ideas

and my chalkboard silver platters – perfect for menus, signs, or chargers.

Chalkboard Silver Platters - one of 12 unique chalkboard ideas


Need a chalkboard writing intervention?  Look no farther …

Kelly from The Lily Pad Cottage, who I have dubbed the Queen of Chalkboards, shares her chalkboard tips and tricks to have you creating chalkboard art like a pro in no time!

Chalkboard Tips & Tricks - plus see 12 unique chalkboard ideas

Chalk it up to being creative – what will you paint black today?

See all of my creative and simple projects here.

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  1. Thanks for the post! It is timely for me as my daughter asked my husband to make our grandson a busy board so we chose to use an old TV stand with casters for mobility. She wants the sides to be painted in chalkboard paint – so this post is the perfect inspiration!

  2. I’ve never met a chalkboard I didn’t like. Over the weekend I chalkboard painted 4 party items. I can hear my friends now as they leave muttering to themselves that I have a problem.

  3. That chalkboard staircase is phenomenal!!!!! Of course your lamp shade chalkboard tops of my list of must-fo-chalkboard projects someday! Thanks for the inspirations Kelly!

  4. Thank you for bringing back a long buried memory of standing at the chalkboard with 25 pairs of eyes of my peers trained on me as I did the math problem…WRONG! Then worried after that what they really were looking at was my rear end, which I always thought was too big in high school.

    Butt….I love a good chalkboard. So much so that my husband put a moratorium on them in our house. It lasted for about a month. Same with my cookbook collection, but that’s another problem all together.

  5. I love all your chalkboards! The staircase is really neat and the headboard too. Thanks for the inspiration!
    I’ve got to make one for my kitchen. I think maybe the clipboard, and change it up with the menu for each day. You have some really cool ideas! I painted a chalkboard wall for a customer in a brand new playroom and we decorated it with a special birthday design for the party they had. Surprised their kids and guests!

  6. I LOVE chalkboard paint and the great black matte finish it brings to a space. I did our backsplash chalkboard and used a chalk pen to make it look like subway tile. Great ideas above, I might need to paint some more with my chalkboard paint!

  7. Well if I’m the Queen of Chalkboards you are the Ruler of all things Vintage and good 🙂 Thanks for the shout out!

  8. I’m Silvi from Barcelona. I love the chalkboard too !!!!!! I saw your pictures in Pinterest & I found your blog. Sorry my english is not so good.
    best regards

  9. Old windows can be a lead paint hazard. Most old windows are painted with lead paint. When you disturb the paint (by sanding it, for example) you create lead dust that can expose people to lead. Small children and pregnant women can be affected. Examine the paint – is the old paint broken in a square pattern? Does it look like alligator skin? Then it is most likely lead-based paint and can be dangerous. DO NOT DRY SAND OR SCRAPE. Lead is a neurotoxin that can result in cognitive, emotional and behavioral delays in children.

  10. We purchased old picture frames and mirrors to make into chalkboards for my son’s wedding. What’s your experience in using canned flat paint over chalkboard paint and spray over canned roil in paint . The wedding colors are teal and we may want to make the chalkboard teal instead of black.


    1. I’ve never done that before but I wish I could be more help! They sell colored chalkboard paint and there are tutorials floating around on how to tint your own chalkboard paint.

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