Christmas in the Kitchen

I’ve cleaned the cookie crumbs from the counter and swept up Sushi’s dog hairs just so I could bring you Christmas in my kitchen.

Hopefully, you’ve taken my main Christmas Home Tour HERE but if you missed it, make sure to check it out.

Now let’s get cooking and check out my Christmas kitchen decorations.

Kitchen Christmas Decorating Ideas - love this white kitchen filled with festive touches

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In my ongoing KISS quest (keep things simple stupid), I sprinkled a few festive touches around the kitchen.

How fun is this huge red metal bow. It reminds me of red solo cups!

Christmas Kitchen - love the big red metal bowl over the window

My tip to make your kitchen look more high end, take the tile up to the ceiling. I’m still loving this chevron marble tile I chose over eight years ago.

Christmas Kitchen - love the big red metal bow instead of a wreath

I have a thing for gnomes and this cookie jar holds power bars.

Christmas Kitchen - love this cute little gnome cookie jar

This tiered tray serves double duty as an easy place to grab often used things plus it makes a perfect display for my salt and pepper shakers. My girls painted the snowmen years ago.

Christmas Kitchen - love this galvanized tiered tray for displaying everyday items and Christmas salt and pepper shakers

Obviously, I’ll never win Cupcake Wars. I used one of my favorite new cedar placemats underneath my Trader Joe’s gingerbread chalet.

Christmas Kitchen - love the cute little gingerbread house on a cake stand

My red stove makes it seem like Christmas 365 days a year.

Christmas Kitchen - love the red stove and touches of red for a festive look

A glimpse into my dining room with my pair of sparse Christmas trees filled with vintage Shiny Brites. You can see more of my Christmas dining room HERE.

Christmas Kitchen - love the red stove

I’m crazy about unique lighting and this bubble glass chandelierΒ takes the prize.

Christmas Kitchen - love this bubble glass chandelier

Christmas Kitchen - love this farmhouse table and chairs with giant plaid wreath

This vintage cookie jar was on top of my refrigerator when I was growing up. I had to drag a chair over to the fridge and climb on top to be able to reach inside and pull out a cookie.

Christmas Kitchen - love this vintage gingerbread house cookie jar

This little bench separates my kitchen from my family room and I knew just what to do with this trio of bowls when I found them.

Christmas Kitchen - love this trio of bowls holding mini Christmas trees

Christmas Kitchen - love this wall mounted bottle drying rack for displaying mugs and a festive wreath

Oh, and I swear, the Elf did make me drink it.

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  1. i need that cookie jar in my life!!!! LOVE! but i need it to be full of like vitamins or something because someone needs to hide the cookies from me. i have a tummy like a bowl full of jelly.

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