A Blast from the Past – Vintage Plate Collection

Love this bottle drying rack for displaying a fun collection of 1970s plates! kellyelko.com

Growing up, I was surrounded by avocado green.

From the fridge to the dishwasher to the wall to wall carpet, I could not escape it.

So when I spotted these fun, whimsical (avocado!) 1970s plates at the thrift store, (complete with 30 year old crusted on food) I was instantly transported back in time.

Back to that front toothless, bowl haircut, polyester plaid pants wearing little girl who used to lock herself in her room and listen to Kenny Rogers belt out The Coward of the County on a little blue record player.

Love these whimsical 1970's floral plates kellyelko.com

I’m getting ready for my annual Eclectically Fall Tour of Homes in a few weeks and have just started to warm up the house for my favorite season.

I love using my affiliate huge wall mounted bottle drying rack as a plate rack – easy to switch out my displays on a whim.

Most of these are Mikasa by Ben Siegel (there are passionate collectors out there)!

Made in Japan and dishwasher safe so they can easily be popped into those avocado appliances.
Love this rustic farmhouse table paired with an industrial chair kellyelko.com

I’m all about using what I have and enjoying my finds. Things may break and lose some of their value but what value do our things really have if we put them in a box or a dark cupboard and forget about them?

I plan to display and use these at the dinner table so my girls get a taste of 70’s avocado.

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  1. I love collections of plates that remind us of the days when we were young and goofy, or at least i was! lol! I have some that remind me of my granny.

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