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Craft Room Furniture Ideas - love the style of this clean and bright space kellyelko.com

Because I’m happy

Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof

Because I’m happy

Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth …


Happy isn’t quite the right word – it’s more like ecstatic?

When a girl’s craft room/home office/mom cave/secret escape continues to take shape, I can’t help but sing.

Love the counter height of this Martha Stewart craft furniture from Home Decorators Collection! kellyelko.com

Let’s take a leisurely stroll down memory lane when I started with a seldom used guest room in my attic.

1) Craft closet from the angels

2) Fabulous blinged out cowhide

3) Craft room furniture


While I loved my rustic desk, it wasn’t practical.  It had grooves and ridges and I need a smooth surface for writing and creating.

So back down to the sunroom it went and in came the most fabulous furniture from the Martha Stewart Craft Furniture line at Home Decorators Collection.


I have always wanted a counter height table so I can sit or stand and this huge craft table fits the bill (and it comes in table height too and four colors).

Best part – my girls can stand or pull up a couple of stools on the other side of the table and join me in a crafting extravagenza.

Love this light and bright craft room! kellyelko.com

It has two deep drawers for all of my tchotchkes.

Love the vintage ashtray drawer organizers in this bright craft room! kellyelko.com

Martha’s storage cabinet is huge and has slide our shelves and dividers for the big bottom drawers.  It make even take me awhile to fill it up.

Love this light and bright craft room - so much storage! kellyelko.com

The perfect craft room furniture - so much storage! kellyelko.com
Martha Stewart Craft Furniture - so much storage! kellyelko.com

The perfect place to create.

Fun quote in this fun craft room kellyelko.com

Extra perk – my industrial stool made it out of the garage finally!

Love the industrial stool in this craft room - perfect mix of old and new! kellyelko.com

The furniture comes shipped in big boxes – ready to be put together.  My hubby and I enjoyed a (mostly) quarrel-free afternoon putting these babies together.

I am adding my 5 stars to all the other rave reviews of this furniture.

Plus there are so many more pieces and color choices to make anyone as happy as me.


Excuse me while I sing off key a little more …

Craft Table
Storage Cabinet

P.S. Love my industrial stool?  See some of my favorite picks to add a bit of industrial style to what you already own.

P.P.S. Stay tuned for more fun things soon to happen in this room!


Disclosure:  Thanks Martha Stewart and Home Decorators for letting me choose this fabulous furniture that makes me happy!  I only speak the truth.  See my full disclosure policy here.

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  1. I would love to have a “typed” quote in my vintage typewriter…any easy source to direct me to?

  2. I am so jealous I can hardly type. All the room we have in this house and I am relegated to the basement which is dark and dreary. I really need to do something down there so I don’t hate using it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your space. How wonderful for you (not joking)…lol….It’s hard to tell with me sometimes! xo Diana

  3. OH THAT STOOL! Actually, OH THAT EVERYTHING. What an incredible space you’ve created! I’m laughing at your and your hubby putting everything together… what a team you did a wonderful job. YAY!!!

  4. Boy Kelly, I am so glad you posted about this collection. I was toying with the idea for my craft/office in the new house. I don’t want white so I’ll hop over and see the other color choices. Your space is coming along so nicely. Thanks girlfriend!!!


  5. That is awesome. I think if you came to see my craft room/office it would give you hives. It is the antethesis of all that is clean, bright and lovely in here. I am just a little jealous you see. My drawers do not look so nice when they are opened. But really, the smoking/ashtray thing. We need to talk.

  6. I love the craft furniture as I have the same pieces plus others and I love it too!…My favorite is the wrapping station and yes, it is so nice to be able to sit and stand at the table…can’t say enough about the furniture and love it in the room…looking forward to “the rest of the room”

  7. Looking great, Kelly! Love those 50’s ashtrays for dividers in your desk drawer. Love vintage storage! It wouldn’t take me long to fill up that cabinet! It’s so nice when furniture has a lot of storage and you can’t have too many drawers!! Looking forward to seeing what you do to complete the room.

  8. You are so lucky Kelly and your friend Martha loves you the same way back! I think it is perfect for you and your space and you should keep on singing about that space for a long time! Love it!

  9. I wondered if you were still blogging, and then realized your posts were no longer being delivered to my e-mail! So now I have to get caught up, dammit! (Luckily, it’s another snow day.) I have the perfect industrial credenza for your room–an old metal credenza with a reclaimed wood top. It’s on casters, and wonderfully functional. But I love where you’re going!

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