Eclectic Home Tour – The Cavender Diary


Retro ranch house tour of The Cavender Diary with Ralph Lauren style at

2 grown men vs a 40 year old house.

That’s James and Jamie of The Cavender Diary who have definitely won the battles against their dated house and turned it into a Ralph Lauren-esque dream.

Retro ranch home tour at

Ralph Lauren style living room and home tour filled with tons of great ideas and collections!
It's a grand old flag - home tour with fun collections.

The most stylish firewood storage ever. Β See how they built this industrial rolling rack.
Make an industrial rolling rack - love it with the firewood!

Rustic bedroom retreat - love the sconce and the wood wall.

Somewhere to hang their hats …

Fun way to store clothes in the open!

and belts.

Love the ladder belt storage!

Love this kitchen reno!

Fun kitchen renovation - great ideas!

It’s a collection fiesta.

Fiesta ware - fun collection!

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere.
Make your own wine storage rack!

The garage is the favorite room in their home and I can see why.

Now this is a garage!

Love this garage storage - so organized!

Vintage Coke crates

And of course, the house has a stylish, industrial bar cart – cheers!

Industrial bar cart

You’ve got to see the house decked out for Christmas.

Isn’t this ginormous vintage ornament wreath amazing?!

Giant vintage ornament wreath!

Harley Davidson has a dog’s life in herΒ reclaimed wood dog bed.

Make an industrial dog bed!

Thanks James & Jamie for letting us peek into your home.

Visit The Cavender Diary to see more.


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  1. Wow, Kelly!!!! That is a great place! Masculine and amazing. You would never guess from the outside that it looked like that inside!
    Here’s your laugh for the day. I am sitting here with coffee half-awake (obviously) and I am scrolling down my sidebar and I THINK I see Eclectically Vintage – The CADAVER DIARY! OMG- I started laughing right out loud -all to myself, of course…That made YOU my first visit of the morning and I am SO glad I did not see any BODY PARTS here—well- except for the COW’S HEAD! lol
    Have a wonderful weekend- xo Diana

    1. Diana – glad you didn’t spit your coffee all over your computer!

      I, on the other hand, may or may not have a few bodies buried among the clutter in my basement! I will find out when I am brave enough to go down there and get organized! If you don’t hear from me for a few days, call 911!

  2. Love Love everything you have done with the house! Especially the window bench and the firewood holder!
    Instructions were fabulous…I might even try them my self! Great job guys!

  3. What an amazing small house, with everything in its place without it being sterile. I definitely like the wood rack. There is a few ideas I would like to borrow. The bull horns & cow head better left for a western bar, but everything else is great, even the laundry area.

  4. Wow! I absolutely love the bedroom. It’s amazing. I also really love the bookcases with the TV and all the decorative pieces on top. I normally don’t like busy but this is stunning. Thanks for sharing. Going to do some pinning!

  5. OMG…I want to just dive in and snuggle up in all that warmth and coziness. What a fantastic job they have done in decorating their home…and, I stress HOME! I am so keeping this post and plan to incorporate some of their marvelous ideas into my home. Everywhere you look it’s layered, layered, layered. I think that’s the great secret to it’s warmth. Thank you for showing us one of the most marvelous homes I think I’ve ever seen!

  6. Wow! I love everything they have did to their home! Especially love the wood holder for the fireplace!

  7. As I reading your post my husband walked by…I loved the firewood cart & showed it to him. His reaction: ‘Who takes the bark off of their firewood?’

    So funny, seriously I do love that cart but if you burn very much wood you wouldn’t bother with cleaning it before you brought it inside! I wondered if it’s the wood you buy in bundles at the grocry store? As a country girl I always thought that was the weirdest most extravagant way to buy wood.

    Love seeing this house!

  8. What a cool home!! I have never seen anything quite like that. How fun! I am in love with their garage and I want to go hang out there and make something, like one of those wood storage industrial moving things. Or that dog bed. Cool is too mild of a word to describe the home. Wow.

  9. Could you post a tutorial/instructions for the firewood holder? Or are they here somewhere and I just don’t see them?

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