Rapunzel is Rescued & My Home Office Move!

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Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair.

I needed a Prince to rescue me from my tower.

Ok, ok, so maybe I’m being a bit dramatic so let’s start at the beginning of this fairy tale …

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Remember when I converted my spare bedroom into my home office?

Remember when I created the world’s most organized craft closet to store my overflowing supplies?

Well, let’s just say that plan was better in theory than in real life.

Brass is back and I love this vintage style articulated brass pharmacy lamp! kellyelko.com

The office was all the way up on the third floor …

away from everyone and I was alone and frightened.

Ok, well maybe not frightened but I was far away from the action of the family (not to mention our new puppy Sushi) and it just wasn’t working out for me.

Like Rapunzel locked away in a tall tower, I needed my Prince to come to my rescue.

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So I ordered (ok, asked nicely) my Prince to flex his bulging biceps and lift that desk high above his head and lug it down three flights of stairs.

Now I’m  happily sitting in my sunroom where I’m now surrounded by huge windows, light and a great view.

With a great view must come great accessories so when I spotted this vintage looking brass lamp from Lamps Plus I fell in love.

Now she sits on my desk, illuminating my workspace and making me happy.

The best part is it’s adjustable so I can shine the light wherever I need it and it has a high/low dimmer switch so my weary eyes won’t be strained.

How cute is this gold hot dog tape dispenser! kellyelko.com

Of course it was a hard decision with so many cool pharmacy style lamps to choose from but in the end, this beauty stole my heart.

She’s joined by a vintage brass quail and hammered tray not to mention a plastic but shiny hot dog tape dispenser.

What can I say, I’m attracted to shiny things.

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I’m so happy to be released from that tall tower.

Now if I could just get my Prince to flex his muscles while doing the laundry, I’d be set.

P.S. Check out the rest of my sunroom here

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  1. This large red box at the top makes it difficult for me to see your beautiful pictures. Seeing as I’m not at all tech savvy I have no way to make it disappear. I’m seriously considering just not coming here anymore because it is very frustrating trying to see, and I don’t understand what the purpose of blocking half the view is.

  2. Oh- I hear you! I am glad you were rescued and returned to the real world. lol The same reason I came out of the basement…or dungeon as I like to refer to it.

    LOVE your new lamp….and that “hot dog” dispenser is hysterical! Nothing like a little fun piece to make you smile every time you look at it. xoDiana

  3. I wouldn’t have wanted to be so isolated and for sure and on the third floor, no way. Love your Doxie on your desk. I have one upside down that is so cute. Our two want belly rubs all day. Another one is one dressed as a French doxie that was a gift. Pretty cute


  4. It turned out great! I know how it feels to be so far away from the action. My current studio really puts me far off and i keep finding myself moving my stuff to the kitchen or patio to work instead…and after so many years of dreaming of a wonderful studio…maybe I just need a friend to come do projects with me.

  5. Nobody likes to be away from the action,besides sometimes you need the warmth of your family.Have a nice day.

  6. My friend says she is like a crow….also attracted to shiny things, so this is my newest saying too!! I love matte things, but am starting to enjoy a few blingy, shiny things myself. Love the fact that you can actually show pictures of your office space. My craft room looks as if a bomb went off in it due to too much product and not enough storage space, which is really difficult for my “Monica” side. One day I will get it together and share photos of it! I always get side tracked with a new project.

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