Sushi – The Pet Therapy Dog!

Creature Comfort Pet Therapy - learn how to become a pet therapy team with your dog!

She working that bandana like nobody’s business.

Yes, not only is Sushi the Boston Terrier the world’s cutest puppy but now she’s a therapy dog.

She spreads joy and happiness wherever she goes.

Pet therapy dog - become a therapy team with your pet

I’m so proud of my girls who trained our dog Sushi and passed a test so they could become a pet therapy team with Creature Comfort Pet Therapy.

Their first outing was with a mentor team – an outdoor event for cancer survivors. Sushi provided lots of love and got lots of tummy rubs from everyone there.

Wings of Hope Community 'Day

Wings of Hope Event - meet the pet therapy dog!

Sushi made friends – I think I hear wedding bells.

Pet therapy dogs

After the girls and Sushi passed their mentor training, they were ready to go on their own.

Off they went to First Children school where they went from classroom to classroom spreading joy and happiness (and lots of licks) to developmentally challenged kids.

Pet therapy dog at First Children school

The kids were thrilled to see Sushi and so were the teachers!

I am so unbelievably proud of my girls and welled up more than once watching them interact with the kids.

Pet therapy dog team

Creature Comfort Pet Therapy Mission

To provide caring volunteers dedicated to sharing their pet’s love by engaging people in a variety of community settings.

To build connections between volunteers and facilities seeking animal assisted activities and therapy.

To increase awareness and provide education about the many benefits of pet therapy.

Pet therapy - such a rewarding experience

If you have a loving, well mannered dog, my girls and I (and Sushi) encourage you to volunteer for pet therapy.

It’s such a rewarding experience and Sushi loves it too!


Sushi is exhausted and needs to rest up before her next pet therapy visit!

Boston Terrier and Grumpy Cat cuddles!

Follow Sushi The Boston Terrier on Instagram to see more of her shenanigans.


Learn more about Creature Comfort Pet Therapy HERE.

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  1. This is awesome! And your girls are beautiful, inside AND out! One of my first dogs was a Boston, and she was the funniest, most energetic dog I ever had. So I really enjoy your Sushi snaps! Thanks for sharing this!

  2. My husband was in two different hospitals in two different cities. Both hospitals had people that volunteered and brought their pets in as therapy dogs. I cannot tell you how much better he felt after he had visited with the dogs. He missed our two so much that he was just thrilled that someone took the time to come and visit. Please keep up the good work and thank you.

  3. You have two wonderful daughters. We are never sure if what we teach them is sinking in and then they do something so amazing we know they will make it just fine. Sushi did a great job too!!

  4. Congratulations! What a great thing to do! I’m a puppy raiser for Guide Dogs for the Blind. My pet dog is a “career-changed” guide dog puppy that I raised. (He was too scent-distracted to graduate as a guide dog.) I’ve considered having him certified sometime in the future. I don’t have the time now, but will definitely keep it in mind!

  5. That is so awesome that your girls trained Sushi for pet therapy! Sushi is adorable and probably really loves having such a special job. I did pet therapy years ago with one of my Shih Tzus. It was such a rewarding experience! I know how proud you are of your daughters. What a wonderful gift they are brining to the world.

  6. Kelly, My friend has a dog trained for therapy and loves visiting the senior centers. Your girls are adorable. I love that they are doing this. Pat S

      1. This is the 2nd dog she has trained and certified. She has been doing this for years. All the seniors always look forward to the visits.

  7. Sushi is so cute! I have a Cairn Terrier and he is adorable but I’m not so sure he would do well as a therapy dog because like most terriers he has a piercing bark when startled or anxious about something. Good luck with the pet therapy business!

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