Picture Perfect Old Snow Covered Houses

What’s better than an old house? An old house in the snow! Join me on a walk through my neighborhood to admire houses in the snow. Plus I’m sharing a fun story about a pair of antique Victorian houses a dad built for his two daughters in the 1800’s.

Beautiful houses in the snow - love this stunning pink Victorian home kellyelko.com

Now, let’s talk about those pink and blue Victorian houses! My friend told me the story behind these pink and blue Victorian houses …

Once upon a time, there was a man who decided to build his two daughters beautiful homes of their own. He hired the finest craftsmen to build this fairytale castle for his oldest daughter. A second home was built right across the street for the younger daughter so they would be able to pop over for tea (or wine) whenever they wanted! And they all lived happily ever after!

Love this old blue Victorian home covered in snow kellyelko.com

Can you believe the blue house was once a nursery school? My friends mom was lucky to attend before it was turned back into a home.

Love this navy blue house in the snow kellyelko.com

I love the way my blue house pops against the snow! We painted it a couple of years ago (Benjamin Moore – Hale Navy) and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Love this classic white house with picket fence in the snow kellyelko.com

There is something about a classic white house that calls for simple, fresh greenery and picket fences are the perfect place to hang garland.

Beautiful old white house covered in snow kellyelko.com

Love this beautiful snow covered old house and picket fence with garland kellyelko.com

I grew up in Bucks County, PA where old stone houses are everywhere so I’m especially drawn to this half stone house.

Love this old house with enclosed front porch kellyelko.com

I love the enclosed front porch on this beauty and notice the arched basement windows.

Snorf hoodie keeps this dog nice and warm! kellyelko.com

Since my walk around town, the snow has melted and the sun has been shining which makes these cold, short days bearable. I love to bundle Sushi up in one of her sweaters and take her for a stroll around town. She’s even willing to be the object of public humiliation in her Snorf hoodie because it keeps her nice and toasty!

I asked a question on my Instagram the other day (follow me on Insta @kelly.elko) asking if anyone had never seen snow and I was surprised by the number of people who have never experienced it! While it may be a pain to shovel and I prefer seeing it as I sit by a roaring fire, there is nothing like the beauty of freshly fallen snow.

I’d love to hear from you so please let us know if you have never experienced a snowfall.

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  1. What beautiful homes! We too were snowed in last weekend and then yesterday we were able to play tennis outside in skirts and tank tops!

  2. Swooning on the windows in some of those homes. Gorgeous. Lucky you to have that neighborhood for your dog walks.

  3. Wow, wow and wow ! Though i don’t blame your little pooch for not wanting to go out to do his business, just look at his view. He’s a lucky pup to be living in such a high-end neighborhood. Maybe he needs boots and a sweater ? ( : Mine 140 lb. Baby won’t step foot outside if it’s sprinkling out. He’s never seen snow and i love it myself but i guess it’s a blessing that we don’t live in snow country ! I’m in love with every home in these pictures, just gorgeous.

  4. Boy those are some classy joints you live around. Very nice and the snow does look so pretty around them. Not too pretty to shovel I’ll bet but pretty to look at. We have lots of snow also. Ours had melted but then Saturday and to present are having lots of snow. Starts and stops off and on. Think we’re glad we have metal roof.
    I can still remember how pretty our neighborhood in Cleveland looked after snows. Were lots of older houses, not as nice as your hood but nice established homes. We used to go for walks around to see holiday decorations, Brother and I thought it was fun but not too sure how parents felt. I was 10 when we moved to Tucson, AZ. Sure did miss the snow.
    Poor little Sushi, was she shivering in that photo? Our dog who loves he snow has balked at going out for his night weewee lately. He’s not a small dog like Sushi, he’s 75 lbs. black lab/border collie. Has obviously gotten very spoiled. Enjoyed seeing neighborhood homes in snow. How about in Spring?

    1. Hi JaneEllen! I used to love jumping in the car with my parents to see the lights in the neighborhood! Sushi wasn’t shivering – but she was not happy (she’s a little princess)! Maybe Sushi and your dog should get together for a date night in front of a nice hot roaring fire!

  5. I would of love to walk with you and the little one on a snowy day. I bet it was beautiful looking at the houses. It was so hard to pick just one. So I pick them all. Thanks for an indoor walk.

  6. Thanks 4 sharing the lovely wintery snow pictures.
    Living in Texas we normally don’t get much snow in my area anyway, but Sunday morning early it started to snow and snowed all day and we ended up getting up to 4 inches making for a Beautiful Winer Wonderland. Our Winter Wonderland was all gone by afternoon. The sun was out and melted it all but provided us with good moisture for the yard and plants which is always a good thing.
    Enjoy your day as Today Is A good Day To Have A Good Day.

  7. Hi Kelky. The homes are lovely covered in snow. I live in Bucks Ciunty. Where did you grow up in Bucks County? What school did you attend? Marialyce Keane

  8. Those sibling houses!!! I couldn’t decide which one I liked best. What an indulgent papa. I grew up in a Queen Anne that was built by a gentleman for his daughter’s wedding present. It was full of beautiful woodwork and stained glass windows. I’ve searched for a little of that beauty ever since I moved to the west coast.

  9. Wow, all these homes are stunning! And in the snow, even more so! Yes, especially as a child, I lived in Okla for first 6 years of my life and visited releatives there often, it snowed almost every winter mad it was beautiful! Now in the Dallas TX area, not so much, unfortunately. I cannot imagine never experiencing a beautiful snow fall!

  10. Your home is beautiful and so is your neighborhood! I love the story of the daughters and the homes. Sushi is just precious! 💕

  11. What gorgeous houses! They must be so beautiful on the inside! I honestly can’t imagine a living somewhere where you don’t get all four seasons. I live in Kansas so we get to experience a distinct spring, summer, fall, and winter. Fall is my favorite when all the trees turn pretty colors. But I also love seeing the snow in winter. We usually get a few snowfalls each year but frequently it’s under 5″ (most of the time we get ice instead). The most peaceful experience in the world is standing outside while the snow is falling. The complete and utter silence is something so very special. There is simply nothing like it.

  12. Love your beautiful home
    Have you ever made a video to show the inside? And all the beautiful “Grand Ladies” in the neighborhood!! I’d think I’d died & gone to Heaven.
    (I’ve put in my request for my kind of Eternal home)!! Also, I have quite a few of the Shiney Brights too. My tree is 90% vintage or replica ornaments.
    And you can NEVER have too many on your tree!!!

    1. I will have to make sure my house is clean and clutter free before I can do a video Jan! Not sure that will ever happen! Here’s to vintage Shiny Brites and snow covered houses!

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