Family Room Update – Worth the Wait

Love this cozy, eclectic family room with gorgeous mid century media console

My family room is cozy … which means small!

It’s also where we spend most of our tv watching time (Harry Potter marathons and Real Housewives – don’t judge).

I’ve been craving a simpler, less cluttered look and am slowing whittling away things I don’t love. I refuse to settle and am happy to wait for just the right piece.

You can see my full home tour here.

I hated the glass doors of my old console that show off the ugly clutter and have been on the hunt for the perfect replacement.

My tastes are changing and it’s amazing how updating one piece of furniture can transform a room!

Here’s the old console …

Love the silhouette art

I love how the new piece has legs which gives it an airer look and I love the Danish modern style and grain of the wood!

Bonus is that the ugly wires, cords and cables are hidden! I put the cable box under the console so we can easily turn the tv on and off.

You can usually find me right here with my feet propped on the ottoman, candle lit and glass of wine in hand.

I love changing out the accessories on the tray but this succulent horse bowl is staying put for awhile.

Love the tray on the ottoman in this cozy family room

I’m nuts about it!

So cute - a vintage squirrel nutcracker surrounded by walnuts!

Love the Danish modern media console in this cozy family room

Now if I could just get new sofas to replace the worn ones that are being strategically disguised by throws and pillows!

I guess I’ll have to work on my patience.

See more of my house tour here.


Media Console – HomeGoods
Chair & Ottoman – Ethan Allen
Fromage Tray, Squirrel Nutcracker & Brass Elephant – Vintage
Horse and Elephant Bowls – HomeGoods

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  1. Funny how we go from loving one style to another. When I look back at some of my things, I’m like, hm, really? I like your old console but I wouldn’t like the glass doors either. The new has such nice clean lines! Love the horse planter too.

  2. Looks nice! I have a similar piece that is a mid century dresser base. Clean lines, great color, lots of hidden storage. Perfect addition to your room.

  3. The media center is gorgeous. Looking for something quite similar but with more drawers for my media filing system. It really evens out the feel of the room over your old one. Well done!

  4. That’s a cute media cabinet. I love Mid-century Mod pieces. I also like the old console But I agree with hiding clutter. My husband is a clutter bug and I struggle with keeping him in line! We just moved into a nw bigger house and trying to get him to organize is like pulling teeth. Gonna have to check out homegoods for some new storage solutions.

  5. I have no doubt that if you wait long enough and look hard enough – which I’m sure you will – you’ll find the exact sofa you want! It is the thrill of the hunt, you know :)!

  6. Nice piece and it hides things and has a great wood color. I like your chair and ottoman also, nice and cozy.

  7. Hi Kelly
    Just a note re the elephants, their trunks should point towards the door that people enter through, better luck this way!
    Cheers Sandra

  8. Wow- I just spotted that console at HomeGoods this past week and thought “man, if I had a place for that, it would be coming home with me!” We also have a “cozy” room that is rather dark with lots of red, so I am trying to lighten it up. I notice that you don’t have an area rug and just let the beautiful hardwood floors shine-maybe that is the way to go?

    1. You did Susan! How funny – wish you had a place for it because it’s gorgeous! I don’t have a rug in here but have my eye on one. I want to get a new sofa first – we shall see!

  9. Beautiful new console! You are right… changes up the feel of the space completely. I also love the little 4 legged table next to the console. How did you get that finish?

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