Make a Chalkboard Lampshade


Make a Chalkboard Lampshade - learn from my mistake!

I was chomping at the bit to get my hands on this mid century lamp – I call him Ed.

I knew he needed to go from work horse to Arabian beauty and a chalkboard paint lampshade and new coat of paint was just what the veternarian ordered.

Make a Chalkboard Lampshade - learn from my mistake!

My first try was an epic fail – learn from my mistakes.

Do not use chalkboard spray paint!  It created lots of little black specks all over the shade.

So what do you do when you fall off the horse …

get back on of course.

DIY Chalkboard Paint Lampshade - what a fun idea!

DIY Chalkboard Paint Lampshade - what a fun idea!

Second try – I wiped off the black specks with my hand and brushed on two coats of regular chalkboard paint.

I used a glossy white spray primer/paint combo on Ed – very Saturday Night Live white disco suit, don’t you think?

Note:  I tried priming the chalkboard – you know how you are supposed to rub chalk all over a chalkboard before you use it?  But I didn’t love the look – it make the shade very white and is very hard to erase.  So choose your word carefully because I think the only way to change it would be to add another layer of chalkboard paint.

Mid Century Lamp Makeover -

Here’s Ed in my living room before his makeover moving at a leisurely cantor …

Living room tour filled with tons of fabulous decorating ideas and vintage touches

 and here he is at a full gallop.

DIY Chalkboard Paint Lampshade - what a fun idea!

Now Ed grazes in my entrance vestibule welcoming everyone who enters.

I’ll never put him out to pasture.


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  1. Hi Kelly! I think Ed looks absolutely wonderful in your entrance and I love the chalkboard lampshade idea. Thanks for the tips on the best way to paint the shade! Thanks for sharing, pinning and have a wonderful Monday!

  2. Great idea and Ed looks great! Love him painted white with the chalkboard painted lampshade! Pinning this.

  3. Wow.. you flipped the script on Ed and he looks fantastic. That was very creative of you to use the chalkboard paint on the shade.. love that idea!

  4. A horse is a horse of course of course……

    I think I like it, but after you used your hand to wipe off the flecks, did you write notes on it?

  5. Ed looks so dashing! I love the black and white combo and of course, the chalkboard shade, I have to take note of your mistakes if I ever do try this on my shades! Love it Kelly!

  6. SHOUTED this projects awesomeness across the networks. Here ye, here ye- chalkboard lampshades rock the house!! Hard.
    xoxo Bec

  7. I have gone down the spray paint a lamp shade path of shame myself. Fortunately it looks lim you kept on riding! Ed is fabulous. And I see he has something to say too! Perhaps it is actually Monsiuer Ed? Btw, love that you vestibule in there again.

  8. I love your Ed Makeover! I think you would be correct on choose the word wisely. I would be like you, repaint it if the word gets changed. I like that dark black lamp shade look.

  9. I love {Mr} Ed!
    He’s great…and his chalkboard paint shade…reminds me of a top hat too. Oooo! or a Derby!
    yeah… he’s a cool horse. Pat

  10. This is really clever! I just added some chalkboard paper and pens to my shop, and this would be a great project for a make and take class! Thanks for the inspiration. Id love for you to share it at my new link party at The party is open all weekend, I hope to see you there!

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