Sun Jar DIY

Sun Jar DIY  - imagine a row of these lining a walkway

They light up my life, they bring me hope, to carry on …

But these DIY Solar Jars really do light up my life!

Sun Jar DIY How To

* Spray jars with Frosted Glass spray paint (I did 2 coats)

* Remove picks from solar lights and put lights in jars

* Put on your steps, patio table, scattered in your garden beds …

* pat yourself on the back and have a cocktail

DIY Solar Jars - imagine a row of these lining a walkway

Breaking it Down – 6 Sun Jars:

* Dollar Store wire lid jars – $6 ($1 each)

* Krylon Frosted Glass spraypaint – $3.50

* Dollar Store solar light stakes – $6 ($1 each)

* Total Cost for 6 Sun Jars = $15.50 (about $2.50 per jar)

DIY Solar Jars - imagine a row of these lining a walkway

Simple, cheap, fabulous … check, check, check!

The best part – they never need to be turned on since they’re solar powered!

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  1. what can i say…these are awesome! talk about ez pz and inexpensive! applause and appaws to you my friend! sending hugs and always a pleasure linking up with you for it’s a cinch!

  2. It is all about the mason jars today! I love the solar light idea. I need a close up of those dollar store light sticks 🙂

    🙂 me

  3. Ugh. I meant to say “can I do the cocktail” step first, not “I can I do”…seriously, you would think I already had a cocktail after writing that. LOL!

  4. You light up my life? Seriously? That is like a viral worm in my head now. I have some people coming over in a few weeks. Now I know how to welcome them – all I have to do is throw some solars in a jar! A big THANK YOU! Better run to get the lights before they are all gone. I found a case of Mason Jars under the guest bed so I know I have those. I am still junk sober and shopping in my house and shed.

    Distressed Donna Down Home

  5. Oh my gosh, Kelly, you really took me back with those Ann Murray lyrics. My siblings and I used to put on an Ann Murray album, lay on either side of the stereo cabinet with our ears right next to the speakers and belt out the lyrics as loud as we could.
    I love this project! Especially that it is inexpensive. Thanks for inspiring.

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  6. I am pinning it! This is a fantastic idea and would be a good gift for someone. Ooh, I am seeing a lot of possibilities for Christmas. I came over from House of Hepworth link party.

  7. I made one of these a few weeks ago for my 5 year old grandaughter. I told her it was a “garden fairy” light. It was so the the garden fairies could see at night. She loved it and so did all her friends. They pick it up and shake it. I didn’t frost it though….I guess I’ll need to make another one.

  8. Okay, i don’t know how i missed this post, but i’m glad you put it in the party!!! This is a fabulous idea!!! and now one more chance to win that bird cage!!!!
    p.s. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you are my hero. xoxoxo

  9. they wouldn’t stay lit here at the beach… I did basically the same thing but with solar lights stuck in geraniums. I alternated the the steps leaving one empty so 12 steps with 6 geraniums on both sides… such a welcoming look

  10. I have several solar lights scattered around my flower beds. Why would the jars be any different than just sticking them in the ground? Do they make the lights brighter or what?

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