The Greatest of the Great Outdoors

You guys rocked this!

So many fabulous outdoor decorating, patios, porches, crafts, food …

I could sit under these Pottery Barn inspired lanterns from Serendipity for days!  Check out those vintage barn pulleys!

Eclectically Vintage

A few old windows and you too can have your very own mini greenhouse like Design Dreams by Anne.

Eclectically Vintage outdoors gardening ideas

Linda at Fingers in the Dirt grows her own potatoes but I’m sure this Spring New Potato Salad would taste amazing with potatoes from the regular old supermarket too.

Eclectically Vintage recipes

The birds will surely find treasure in Finding Secret Treasure‘s bird feeder – in an old toolbox!

Eclectically Vintage outdoors garden ideas

Karen at Redoux made an amazing garden wall out of old garage door panels!

But something else that caught my eye were her simple terra cotta pots aged with … joint compound!

Eclectically Vintage outdoor crafts

Karen at Somewhat Quirky has the most amazing vintage finds-filled porch.  Love her chippy green cabinet and crib turned sofa.

Eclectically Vintage outdoor rooms decorating

Don’t have your own pond?  Make one like What’s Ur Home Story did (for less than $40).

Eclectically Vintage gardening

 Here’s to the great outdoors!


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  1. such fabulous picks my friend! LOVE them all!!!! don’t you wish everyone could be featured!!!! it was great fun hosting this grand event with you…as always…you rock! hugs!

  2. Loads of fun inspiration, Kelly! Thanks for sharing! I’m having trouble fitting in my outdoor projects around our schedule and the weather… :-/. Guess i’ll just enjoy these!!
    xo Heidi

  3. She picked me! She really picked me! It’s because we’re long lost sisters. Thanks for the feature! I think I’m going to have to combine those hanging lanterns with some of those solar lighting jars….. need to find some pulleys to make it as cool as Serendipity’s.

  4. I need those pulley’s. Really. And I need that greenhouse. Why didn’t I get windows on that yardsale instead of just the shutters 🙂

    Great features.

    🙂 me

  5. What a bunch of fantastic outdoor projects! I might just have to try making an old window greenhouse…now where on earth would I put it??? Thanks for sharing these creative ladies!

  6. Great features. Awesome porch from Somewhat Quirky, already pinned the baby greenhouse, and love the pulley lanterns.


  7. Oh my!! Seriously this got my creative juices going!! These are incredible! The lanterns, the homegrown potatoes, the porch, the “It’s for the birds” tree, love, love, love it!!
    Meegan@ what meegan makes

  8. Another great batch of great outdoors projects 🙂 The mini greenhouse is so charming, and I love the lanterns hanging from barn pulleys. I never would have thought to age terra cotta pots with joint compound. Bloggers are so wonderfully creative 🙂

  9. Hi Kelly,

    You guys picked some great ones! I visited quite a few links but didn’t visit any of the ones you featured. I’ll have to pop on over and take a look. My favorite out of your favorites has to be that gorgeous chippy Hoosier cabinet on the vintage inspired porch. I found a new bookshelf to put on my enamel table but I think I’ll buy some Annie Sloan paint and put some more layers on to obtain a more aged look. Love that look. Oh, I listened to the podcast with Debbiedoos and loved it! Your blog rocks Kelly!

  10. Love everyone’s creativity of one of a kind projects putting there stamp on that special outdoor space. I am partial to water garden….missing my 2 ponds in the South.I am curious as to the size pot……also any suggestions to incorporate a small ball water feature…..hoping it will filter???

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