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Need small space apartment decorating ideas? This apartment is small on space but big on style. See how to personalize your home with paint, thrift shop finds and creative display and storage ideas.

Small space decorating ideas - 470 square foot apartment - with style! kellyelko.com #pink #smallspaces #pinkdoor #apartmentdecor #interiordesign

I am now living vicariously through Meredith of Meredith & Gwyneth, the New Yorkie

who is living the life as a single gal (with her dog Gwyneth) in NYC

(recently transplanted from North Carolina).

Girly girl pink and finds from the local dumpster combine into one fabulous apartment –

all 470 square feet of it!

She had me at pink door.

I fell deeper when I spotted the plate wall.

470 square foot apartment - with style!

I needed to be resuscitated  when I saw this green dumpster dive dresser transformation.

470 square foot apartment - with style!

470 square foot apartment - with style!

Then she goes and blings out a plain Jane Expedit bookcase with these fabulous overlays.

470 square foot apartment - with style!

Deep cleansing breaths Kelly – ok, I’ve composed myself.

470 square foot apartment - with style!

Pink dumpster dive frame headboard anyone?

470 square foot apartment - with style!

I’m just a quick train ride into the city Meredith so don’t be alarmed if you hear a knock on your door one day soon.

I could take Gwyneth for a walk in Central Park and then by that fabulous dumpster of yours!

470 square foot apartment - with style!

Head on over to visit Meredith & Gwyneth, the New Yorkie to see more of their apartment and DIY fabulousness!

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  1. I love this apartment! I think I Pinned the Expedit at some point (I have an Expedit obsession) … Love the clean, yet eclectic vibe

  2. I’ve seen (and admired…and been inspired by) many of her projects, but I had absolutely NO IDEA she lived in a 470-sq-ft apartment!!! (How did I miss that detail?) Wow! That makes it all the more impressive…fitting that much style into such a small place!!

  3. I love that frame with the butterflies. Great feature, Kelly 🙂 This looks like it should be featured on the pages of Domino!

    🙂 me

  4. Oh my goodness, you have made our day! As I just posted, we have been fans of your blog since the very beginning, so it means so much to us that you shared our apartment! And of course you, and all you ladies are invited over for “Drinks & Dumpster Diving” anytime. Most of the time we get lucky and people put their furniture *next* to the dumpster. But if I get wind of something good inside, I’m going in – HEAD FIRST!

    mk & Gwynnie

  5. Absolutely inspiring! I seriously LOVE her place! The bathroom wall is creative and original. Actually everything is!!
    Thanks for sharing Kelly, and inspiring me today. I pinned it 🙂
    Make it a great day!

  6. I just had a flash back to my Queens, NY flight attendant crash pad! Too bad it wasn’t this cute!! She has done some absolute genius things in this place! Love the plate wall, the side of the book case, the headboard, and the awesome gallery wall opposite her cozy couch.

    Great feature, Kelly!!

  7. I just adore Meredith and Gwyneth! I too live vicariously through her blog. She is my ultimate guilty pleasure weekend read … that and my People magazine! I just escape and pretend that I’m young and tan and toned and living it up in NYC!



  8. All that in a teeny-little-living space!
    Looks GRAND!

    the pink’s not half bad either… I did a survey recently and it said PINK was my ” go to ” color.
    And then shay-zam! I started seeing pink in different rooms of my house. …All the while thinking, HOW’D THAT GET THERE?
    It grows on you…
    off to check out her space some more, for some great pinkness!

    thanks for sharing– Pat

  9. So love it. I think I love that bathroom the best . What a fun little trip to New York City. I want an apartment of my own to escape too. Maybe Meredith will share. We both love dumpster diving!

  10. I have seen her place featured previously and loved it….she certainly has great style and has made such a beautiful, creative and cozy place for herself and Gwyneth…it has to be such a change from NC to NYC….but I guess it is just a matter of adding the “letter Y”….

  11. Having recently moved to a small space myself I’m inspired by Meredith’s use of available space. Just goes to show size does not matter if you have style. Love it all and pleased to add another amazing blogger to my blogroll.
    Thanks Kelly.

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