Fab Friday Finds – Get Your Stools in a Row

Three is definitely a charm …

and I was charmed by these industrial stools found over the last few weeks.

A little yelp was emitted from my lips when I spotted the first white metal & wood stool.

The second stool had me doing my happy dance.

But when I ran in a frenzy towards the industrial drafting stool in the dark, dank recesses of an estate sale basement, I think I frightened small children and pets.

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But I can console myself knowing I’ll never see those people again (right)?!



Karianne from Thistlewood Farm and I have started a new blog – A Dust Bunny Life.

It’s all about keeping things simple – we’d love your submissions with your favorite simple ideas.

Stop over and visit and listen to our first podcast where we chat with Debbie from Debbiedoo’s.

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  1. I love those stools! You lucky girl. Those are the real things instead of the reproductions you see sold everywhere these days. You just reminded me that I have an estate sale to go to. Must go get ready!

  2. love YOUR stools Kelly. I looked high and low for counter stools that would be similar to this style. I wound up getting reproductions that are pretty good. These are awesome. Thanks for the podcast interview as well. Heading over now.

  3. hahahahaha 🙂 That is what I thought when I was eating the watermelon samples at the store 🙂

    Love your stool!

    Have a great weekend!


  4. Loving that darker wood chair with the round seat!! That one is my favorite =) You don’t reeeally need three do you? Hopping over to the new bunny site 😉

  5. A-MA-ZING!!! Love them all! Geez, you really can strike gold, can’t you?

    Can’t wait to see what you do with them!

    Have a great weekend! Congrats on the new blog!

  6. A lot of potty mouths talking about your stools, Kelly! Please just polish them – I am begging. The middle one was exactly like the one we used in high school biology class with the place for your books underneath. (I know I am dating myself, but I don’t care.) At estate sales. the strongest are the survivors – mow those children down!

  7. Those are amazing finds. I would not only frightened small children, but everyone around me. I am not quiet when I find amazing things like this. Good thing for me, dumpster diving and trash hunting is a solo, early morning hobby.

  8. Oh, my gosh. Stool #3 is so dreamy. Hmmm….do you suppose we are really not well and we just don’t realize it?! Oh, well. There are worse things to be than stool crazy!

  9. Usually I’m bummed I can’t thrift with you
    or sometimes I’m even jealous of your good finds-
    but now I know we were never meant to be thrifting buddies anyhow.
    For had we been out together on this day…we surely would have gotten into a fistfight over some stool!
    Love ya and your ridiculously amazing finds!! {especially the third one- ughhhh!}
    xo Becca

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