It’s All About the Presentation

An extravagantly wrapped package that makes you dread tearing off the paper.

A fabulous pair of wedges that seem like they were made to go with your favorite maxi dress.

A corkscrew brandished tableside to open the perfect bottle of vino.

Vintage corkscrew collection - one of the many fabulous collections at

I can picture it now.

I join my guests at the dinner table and dramatically remove a corkscrew from my collection.

I listen to the oohs and ahhs from my guests who are dazzled by my mouth-watering culinary skills, over the top table setting, abundance of exotic flowers clustered in milk glass …

until I realize that the guest of honor brought her favorite bottle of wine to share …

with a screw cap!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m an equal opportunity wine drinker

and I don’t discriminate against screw caps but

somehow my vision of the perfect dinner party didn’t involve me turning a screw.

Vintage corkscrew collection - one of the many great collections at

I mean, where’s the ceremony in that?

I’ll console myself with a big pour of that Fat bastard.

Cheers, Salud, Cin Cin, Bottoms Up!

However you say it, make it a moment to remember.

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  1. So how was that fat bastard? Haha- that’s just fun to say! Look at all of your corkscrews! I should be ashamed to admit that i always buy boxes of wine (i know-classy!)I (but i buy the good boxes- no cheap boxes for me! Lol)
    But as a result we didn’t have ONE corkscrew in our house for a couple of years. *hanging my head in shame*

  2. That’s when you say with excitement in your voice “oh – a screw top! that makes it sooo much easier!” and you cross your fingers and hope the wine doesn’t suck. Actually Mr. Quirky always scopes out the whole wine situation before we sit down and opens up a few bottles to breathe – he also takes off any price tags that might be left on…

  3. hahahahha 🙂 I’m heading for the county border right now 🙂

    And I’m *sighing*….and off to the 400 mile yard sale to look for a vintage corkscrew 🙂

    🙂 me

  4. That is EXACTLY why we don’t have enough corks for my message center cork board … our regular wine is a screw top. Very convenient for the beach I say, but I might have another idea if I had all of your cool cork screws!! Cheers!

  5. hahaha! I always get a lump in my throat when we order wine at a restaurant and it comes with a screw top and I think “We paid $28.00 for that?” I have a huge collection of kitchen utensils, but I would bet I don’t have one corkscrew in the bunch.

  6. You are hysterical. One question; in lieu of “Cheers” do you toast “Git in me belly” while drinking Fat Bastard?
    I don’t think I’ve had a screw top wine {and let us not forget a ‘box o’ wine} since I was in HS. I mean college. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

  7. Hahaha! Love your vintage corkscrew collection!
    And that is some funny wine! I bought a bottle as a gag gift for my Bro-in-law for his birthday one year.
    I don’t mind a screw top if the wine is good…but it does take some of the ceremony out of it.


  8. Keep hunting for more corkscrews! And, when you find interesting ones, drop me a line. In fact, I would gladly take the “Zig Zag” off your hands!

  9. You silly silly girl…you are so cute. 🙂
    My favorite wine on the entire planet is WILD VINES BLACKBERRY WINE….and…it has a screw top. :))))

  10. I don’t drink wine, but I know, it takes something of the drama and anticipation away. I remember taking a tour with my wine loving in laws several years ago at one of the wineries here in Napa and they were talking about how many wines are moving away from cork. Same results, just not in the show.

  11. Oh I am with you, I love the idea of a cork and the ceremony that goes with it. Not sure what to say when the screw cap is present other than thanks, I am sure it is delicious. I wonder what company thinks when they see the bottle opener already layed out and handy. I guess some good wines come with a screw cap now so maybe it’s not a big deal. At least it isn’t a box. lol Thanks for joining TTT Hugs, Marty

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