It’s a Cinch – Dollar Vase into Glimmering Candle Holder!

See how to turn a cheap vase from the dollar store into a beautiful mercury glass look alike candle holder using spray paint and rubber bands! I love good mercury glass crafts. So what better way to turn those ugly old glass vases that we all have multiplying in drawers and on shelves and not really doing anyone any good in their boring, unadorned state.

How to Turn an Ugly Dollar Store Glass Vase into a Glimmering Candle Holder

Great glass crafts - Dollar store vase turned mercury glass candle holder.


* Ugly glass vase (on hand but can find at Dollar Store – $1)
* Rubber bands (on hand from my girls giant rubber band ball)
* Spray paint (on hand but around $6 with Michael’s coupon – I used Rustoleum Metallic Silver – $6)
* Candle (on hand – but you guessed it, Dollar Store – $1)

Cost – $2 (plus cost of spray paint – one can is enough to create dozens of candleholders)

The oh so simple deets:

1) Wrap rubber bands any which way around ugly glass vase.

Great glass crafts - Dollar store vase turned mercury glass candle holder.

2) Apply one coat spray paint,

wait 20 minutes (check your email, thumb through a magazine, sip a cocktail) …

apply second coat of spray paint.

Great glass crafts - Dollar store vase turned mercury glass candle holder.

3) Wait about an hour (wash your hair, write a poem, sip 2 cocktails) then remove rubber bands from vase.

Light a candle, pop open a bottle of bubbly and voila – instant romance!

Great glass crafts - Dollar store vase turned mercury glass candle holder.

Like a fish, I’m attracted to all things shiny

and this candle holder really fits the bill.

Quick and cheap (unlike myself) but very good qualities in a craft!

Great glass crafts - Dollar store vase turned mercury glass candle holder.

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  1. shouldn’t this be reading…It’s a SNAP ; ) get it…rubber bands… lol! this is brilliant but i expect nothing less from your genius mind! oh the possibilities and i don’t even have to go anywhere for anything…it’s all here (ashamed to say how many supplies i have for this project…shutter to think!) many ugly vases thank you for the movement to beautify them…that is what is going to happen internationally after this posts leaks out! KUDOS my Jersey Girl…you rocked another fabulous project! hugs…

  2. HI Kelly, great idea:). I love your blog & your home, it’s beautiful! We are neighbors, we have lots of friends that live in NJ, so many lovely places. My husband works in NY so many times we almost made the move ourselves but… our family is here:). I am putting your blog on my blog list so I can follow. Have a great week, Jen

  3. What does it mean that I like this so much….does it mean that I’m cheap and easy 🙂

    Love this project my dust bunny friend!
    🙂 me

  4. Cool!! I kinda like it just with the multi coloured rubber bands all over it! Great idea.

    ps I LIKE those vases… 😛

  5. That’s pretty Kelly! Thanks for the tutorial. I bet everyone has the goodies on hand to make those. Love cheap and easy 😉

    Happy 4th of July holiday =)

  6. You covered about everything except which cocktail goes with silver spray paint and cheap vases? I have been painting on glass stuff, too. Have gotten sorta crazy about it. Now that you have posted a project, I don’t feel so insane and just might post something.
    I was trying to think of some eighties song that would fit this, but I’m sure if there was one, you would have made it crawl around in our brains!

    Distressed Donna Down Home

  7. What a terrific and easy project to accomplish, yet it looks so-o expensive!

    Thank you for sharing your creativity at Potpourri Friday!

  8. Kelly, Every time I get flowers I get an UGLY vase! I have a shelf of them in the basement. I love how you have transformed yours into really chic decor! I think two of these in a tablescape would be gorgeous!

    Your project would be perfect to share at TUTORIALS TIPS AND TIDBITS, my new weekly linky party going on now! Come on over and join in!

  9. I’ve seen this technique before but haven’t tried it. Can’t wait to tho! Yours turned out great. Thanks for sharing. Love anything simple and easy! Check out my tutorial on Tinting Mason jars the EASY way with just glue and food coloring.

  10. Well, hello their nice lady!! Great project, i never thought about wrapping something around the vase before spraying it!!! Looks Great! Thanks for participating in my Linky, unfortunately for me it was a bit of a bust, my fault, it was a bit premature!! The good news, if no one else links up tomorrow you’re a shoe in for the Birdcage!!! LOL I just have to laugh about it, cause it is what it is!!! Thanks for your support, much love, Stacey

  11. Great idea just wondering if there is any special paint to be used? How do you keep the paint from coming off do you use a sealer?

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