Make Flag Cupcakes for a Patriotic Fourth of July

I’ll be down the shore

(that’s Jersey speak for the beach)

today soaking up some sun, eating lots of junk food and hanging with fabulous friends

(no, not Snooki)!

Make flag cupcakes for a patriotic Fourth of July!

And like any good guest (who wants to be invited back),

I won’t be going empty handed – I’ll be bringing flag cupcakes to feed the masses.

These mini flag cupcakes will be gobbled up quickly

and little faces will stare in awe at the booms and bursts in the sky.

Perfect for 4th of July or any patriotic get together.

Down the Shore


Enjoy your day and here’s to a patriotic red white and blue!

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  1. Enjoy your 4th at the beach! We had our fireworks last night so we may head to another town to see their fireworks. Eat a cupcake for me…I have forbidden myself sweets…

  2. Well, those girls are very smart, as they are wearing Yankee hats!!….They are waaay too cute!!….Love the cupcakes and I am sure with those goodies, you will have a “forever Invitation”….Have a fun and safe 4th!

  3. YUM! They look good and I bet they tasted good too! Adorable picture — are your girls twins? It’s so hot here I think we’re not going to the fireworks . . . over 100 degrees still!

  4. Hope you have a fabulous time down the shore, I sure am enjoying checking out your great blog! So many cool ideas and incredible finds. I’m a follower!

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