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Our eyes met

and I took him home.

He completed me.

The son I never had.

He kept me company while he sat on my desk.

He laughed at my jokes.

Then, I spotted another cutie and brought her home for a play date.

The 2 globes got along famously.

They fell in love,

and the next thing I knew

I was the proud grandma to 6 globes!

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This guy even lights up.

He really thinks he’s all that too.

This is our latest little addition …

she’s the baby of the family.

And the twins in the background.

They’re fraternal but everyone always asks if they’re identical.

Ok, your turn to spill …

what collection completes you?

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  1. My grandfather was a beekeeper so I collect anything bee-related. It started with a little beehive made out of grapevine, and has grown to take up an entire shelf. It’s amazing how much bee/beehive stuff is out there!

    Collecting bee things makes me feel closer to my grandfather and my father.

  2. I love globes and often thought of collecting them, but I never see them around here. Well, I found ONE that I cut in half and turned it into a hanging lamp and a bowl. A couple of collections that float my boat are crocks, old irons, aqua canning jars, vintage coverlets, any old chippy architectural item…and…the list goes on….

  3. Love your globe collection! I just fixed up a small one for my vintage travel guest room except when I reassembled it — I put the globe UPSIDE DOWN! LOL — I’m leaving it like that and waiting to see how many people notice it! I collect vintage cups and saucers and well, anything tea-related including teapots!

  4. Love your globes! I usually nab them when I see them if they have some charm, like yours do. Recently I found one from the 30’s that has different names for countries and some countries aren’t even on there yet. Pretty cool.
    Had to put it in my shop because if I start another collection. . .well, you know how that goes. πŸ™‚
    Mary Alice

  5. i love this! all globes living in peace — harmony and happiness! maybe you can work it out for the world : ) this sure made me smile and as we know the best place on those globes is NJ!!!! i hate myself for saying this — i really do but I am gonna do it (if anyone doesn’t know — that is jersey for going to do it : ) could you share these beauties over as J. Joe’s first party today : ) shameless i know but friends are friends!!! : ) hugs…

  6. What a fun collection! I have a globe from my grandparents. It’s a lonely globe, though. Your post reminds me I should be looking for some friends!

  7. Love em all! I always loved globes. All you need now is one of the big bar in a globe units and you’re all set! He can be granpa walton to your brood.

    Happy weekend!

  8. Love the globes Kelly!! Isn’t it interesting to see what the world looked like before borders changed and coutries grew or became smaller? The colors are just amazing too! I collect milk glass and ironstone….I have one vintage globe that I would like expanded to a bigger family like yours, just never seem to see them around!!! Where are they hiding I wonder? I also collect Havaiannas!!! I keep telling my husband I collect diamonds!!! HaHa! πŸ˜€ Have a great weekend, girly!! Heather

  9. First green glass and now globes? Were we separated at birth? I love my globes! My favorite one I have is similar to the first one pictures – but mine is navy blue. Fun!

  10. This is one of the most beautiful family photos I have seen. You must be so proud of your brood. I always wanted a family like this, but it just wasn’t meant to be. I have a singleton globe, and he/she/it will probably always remain so……

  11. I LOVE globes and love your collection – especially the black one! I have an only globe child, but I bought it over 30 years ago in Italy and I cherish her greatly! She reminds me of fond places of where I’ve been and urges me to visit new destinations. I visited from Junkin Joe’s

  12. Great collection, and a fantastic story you’ve told with it. I’ve often thought of collecting globes, but I didn’t think I had enough room to display them. Where do you have yours?

  13. You’re funny! Just what I needed this morning. I good chuckle. Antique globes, cameras and clocks are my downfall. I’ll swoon all day over them. I’m not even sure why. Thanks for sharing… and for the laugh!

  14. Your post made me smile… My daughter also collects Globes
    and has them sitting high on her book shelves in her homeschool
    Nice Post

  15. Those are fanatic Kelly! Last week I started our globe collection. We have a total of three now. I want to place them above some shelving for the built in desk we have upstairs. Love love all of yours!

  16. Love your collection ..I remember my mom used to have an old fashioned wooden globe and I loved to spin it around when I was little

  17. I would love to have this collection! They look great anywhere in the house. Who knew back when I was in grade school these would become such a collectors item to have! I think I would like to do a tablescape and call it around the world and use all different kinds of textures and colors and the globes all down the center of the table! So cool!! Come link up to Centerpiece Wednesday.


  18. oh where in the world do you find these? Mom & Dad had a turquoise globe when we were little and I still see it in old photo’s. I always wondered what happened to the thing lol

  19. I love your collection! Beautiful colors–Your featured this week on Share the Love Wednesday at Very Merry Vintage Style. Stop by and grab a feature button!

  20. Love globes. I have 2 but just sold 2 in my Etsy store. I debated about keeping them but sometimes you gotta let them go but I saw pictures for an estate sale tomorrow that has a black globe like yours and I might just have to pick him up!

  21. Oooh, I love your globe collection! I’ve just started one. So far, I only have two, but hoping to get more. They look lovely all together.

  22. I have a collection of globes too!!! fifteen and counting!!!! Been collecting them for years and I have light up one too!! I just added a Goodwill vintage school pull down map to collection as well. Been wanting one for years and I finally found it!!!


  23. I’m a globe phobe myself and I think your collection is fabulous! No intervention needed, they look great where ever you place them. I’m a newbie collector of globes and your collection makes my mouth water!

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