Eclectic Garden Tour – Gypsy Farm Girl

Gorgeous barn and garden tour of Gypsy Farm Girl

Why buy a garden container when you can use what you have?

That’s Janice of Gypsy Farm Girl‘s philosophy and it’s given her the cutest junk and flower filled yard.

She lives on a Texas cattle farm and shares her garden with a few four legged friends.

Beautiful garden on this farm

She even found this gazebo in a ditch, hauled it home and worked her magic with a tin roof, carved initials and the cutest painted floor.

Love this gazebo and junk garden tour

Gorgeous farmhouse garden tour - love the painted floor in the gazebo

Garden junk tour - she's got the coolest planters

What’s a gazebo without a fun candelier – this one made from old glass insulators.

Vintage insulator chandelier

Junk containers fill the yard.

Junk garden tour filled with unique containers

Junk garden tour filled with unique planters

Love this old gazebo and bike planter in the center of a junk garden

Galvanized bucket planter

Galvanized bucket planter

Love this fun garden tour with the coolest ideas like a shopping cart planter

Love this garden tour with unique ideas like a wheelbarrow planter

Chicken feeder hanging planter - one of the many upcycled ideas in this garden tour

Janice loves thrifting and apparently, so do her cows!

Vintage chair even the cows love!

Stop by Gypsy Farm Girl to check out more gorgeous shots from the farm.


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  1. WOW loved all your stuff, I also have two similar chairs to the one featured with the cows!!!! I bought one form a neighbor when her Mom was moving from her apartment to a nursing home and the other a friend found on garbage day and knew it would match the one I had…. Both were recovered and I still have them decades later!

  2. Sweet, what great finds. I’m not sure I would trust the cattle in with my garden things, they can be very curious & destructive.

    1. I had stopped on the way home from a garage sale and wanted to do a photo shoot of the chair in the cow pasture. Had it all staged, then the cows became very curious about what I was doing and came to check out the chair! The chair resides safely in my house now.

  3. What a wonderful garden. I really love the gazebo. How creative with all the junk. Love the cows with the chair hah. And of course the horse adds a special element to a country garden.

  4. So fun!! That is the cutest gazebo. I love how she has brought all the rusty vintage metal containers into her garden. Looks like they have been there forever.

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