Unique Trellis Ideas

10 Unique Trellis Ideas kellyelko.com

Ever since I planted my first clematis hoping it would climb and cover my mailbox post (which it sadly did not) in a mass of colorful blooms, I’ve wanted a trellis.

These trellises are making me climb the walls!

Turn spare bike tires into a flower tower trellis like this one.

Bike wheel trellis - one of 10 unusual trellises kellyelko.com

This dress form trellis is all dressed up with nowhere to go.  Except maybe a garden party.

Dress form trellis - one of 10 unique trellises kellyelko.com

Talk about farm to table!  This Plantable table will have your garden at your fingertips during dinner.

Table trellis - one of 10 unique trellises kellyelko.com

I love the shape of this trellis arbor.

Round trellis - one of 10 unique trellises kellyelko.com

My thrift shop candelier makes the coolest trellis.

Chandelier trellis - one of 10 unique trellises kellyelko.com

I love how Cottage in the Oaks turned that shovel upside down to make the perfect place for climbing vines.

Shovel trellis - one of 10 unique trellises kellyelko.com

I’ve been on the hunt for an old screen door for my garden.

Screen door trellis - one of 10 unique trellises kellyelko.com

My friend Leo shows how easy it is to make your own garden obelisk and has a row of them in his amazing veggie garden.

DIY garden obelisk - one of 10 unique trellises kellyelko.com

Hopefully, my quest for masses of colorful clematis will happen if I can just decide on my perfect trellis.

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  1. Thanks for including Leo’s obelisks. We planted a cherry tomato vine under one of them, and I planted Major Wheeler’s honeysuckle under 2 of them. Unfortunately, they need some wire to climb so we’re going to transplant them to another spot. Still debating what else to plant under them. If it makes you feel any better, I have been waiting on a clematis vine to grow and bloom for 5 years. Finally, it has lots of blooms this summer!

  2. Amazing trellises, Kelly. My favorites are the bike wheel tower and the screen door. I have a vintage screen door in my potting shed waiting for me to do something with it. This could just be the thing.

  3. How and where does a person find an old awesome screen door? I’d love to have one among all the incredible ideas for trellises, great selection and how ideas are flying amongst blogger to make an incredible trellis. The bike is so cute. I’ll have to be looking at yard sales now for trellis repurposing another item. Happy summer days

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