Eclectic Home Tour – 100 Year Old Colorful Colonial Revival… Revived!

Today’s Eclectic Home Tour of this 100 Year Old Colorful Colonial Revival has been revived for 2021 and it’s never looked better! See how this old home with stunning bones marries neutrals with pops of color and fun pattern.

Love the arched door in this 100 year old colorful colonial revival home - don't miss the stunning tour

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“Ever find yourself walking up the stairs of your house, and you think, Sure, this staircase is TAKING me to the the second floor, but is it TRANSPORTING me?,” jokes Nicole, designer at Nicole Forina Home.

Koi fish wallpaper with its subtle colors, adds interest, movement and personality to the staircase wall in this Rumson, NJ home!

Stunning Koi wallpaper on the staircase wall of this old home

“In order to make a home feel curated and personalized,” says Nicole, “it’s essential to strike the perfect balance of new life with sentimental treasures.”

Love the modern art over the burl wood console cabinet

The neutral dining room gets interest from the mixture of textures from the rug, curtains, cane chairs, and burl wood console. Black chairs upholstered in a rich orange velvet add a fun pop of color.

Beautiful neutral dining room with black cane chairs and a burl wood console

Original stained glass windows flank the fireplace and Nicole says, “There were originally deep cavities on either side of this prominent fireplace. We put a built-in on the right side, and on the left side, a little reading nook with a cubby for firewood.”

Stunning old home with original stained glass windows with a modern chandelier and colorful velvet furniture

When Nicole first met her client, she told her she liked neutrals. Luckily, the client had an open mind and was willing to step out of her comfort zone as you can see from the colorful fabric in the living room.

This Chair! Love the classic wing chair updated in a vibrant plaid fabric

Nicole says, “This chair says it all about this beautiful older home …

The wing chair’s updated-yet-classic shape is an example of how we brought this 109-year-old home into 2021.

The fuzzy, plaid fabric in its unique, bright colorway takes this space from traditional to fun.

Although this house isn’t small overall, its rooms are traditionally broken up in to smaller, cozier spaces. The fabric adds warmth to this intimate, family-friendly space.

This type of chair is perfectly comfortable.”

Love the built in bench with space to store logs by the fireplace

To ensure the bookshelf would align with the top of sofa and that there would be no lower shelves hidden behind, Nicole designed this custom shelf in wood and brass.

Custom designed shelves fit behind a sofa

Upright piano with a beautiful piece of art hanging above

“Older homes tend to have smaller rooms that are more compartmentalized, which makes it a lot easier to have a bit of a color theme for each specific room,” Nicole explains.

This deep, dark, rich shade of green keeps the family room feeling cozy and the moulding ledge is the perfect width for leaning favorite art.

Dramatic, dark and rich green paint in this cozy family room

Notice the shape of the sofa arm? Nicole says she’s been seeing more of this arm style lately and I’m loving it!

Deep, rich and dramatic paint on the built-ins and trim in this old home

Plants and the outdoors are all the color this sunroom needs and a swinging egg chair adds whimsy.

White sunroom with hanging egg chair and colorful plants

A screened-in porch gets a dramatic floor to ceiling makeover featuring an orange ceiling and a black and white diamond patterned floor that was created with paint and a stencil.

Fun porch with orange ceiling and black and white checkered floors

Can you believe that when Nicole first met her client, she told her she liked neutrals. This home goes to show that with an open mind and a willingness to try something new, you can achieve stunning results.

Photography: Andrew Frasz

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Tour the best Eclectic Home Tours - with something for every style

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  1. Totally not what I had expected and totally not what I would have created in the rooms, but WOW! Each room drew me in with the color and decor, I finished the tour absolutely loving this home!!! It’s stunning!

  2. You know, it’s such a grand thing – a blessing, if you will – that we live in this day and age where we CAN meet these marvelous decor challenges! Maybe we forget, but now that I am long past the stage of restoration or re-doing interiors, I can tell you, the younger ones, how difficult it was to long for such pops of color – like all these fabrics, rugs, the art! If one owned a colonial, it seems nothing but uncomfortable, hard and super expensive primitives were the norm. Scouring shops out east was my only outlet – and I just frankly didn’t LIKE most of them. I had to go with big woven round rugs, stark/dark early American art, cluttery and unattractive pottery/dishes/pewter – everywhere. Rugged cabinets and a hard rocking chair with a tattered quilt. We restored a house or two in my day, but oh man if I had these sorts of choices and the almost limitless array of paint, trims and rugs, I would have just died and gone straight to heaven. We couldn’t even consider taking out a wall or a fireplace mantel that was awful and inconvenient – that was sacrilege. This is just a wonderful job she’s done – it’s absolutely warm, welcoming and so tastefully done! Mary

  3. I love that chair and the front door. Each room has a surprise and so well decorated. It’s a little cool this morning so that chair made me want one so I could snuggle down in it. Have a great weekend.

  4. I never in a million years would have thought that plaid chair would look good ANYWHERE. But it looks great with the rest of the colors in that room. Nice job.

  5. Wow, this home is simply stunning! I love the use of color and texture in each space–and this CHAIR. My goodness, what a statement. Do you have a source for the fabric or chair details?

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