Extra! Extra! – Chapter 2

Welcome back to Extra! Extra!, the place where I share all things inspirational that I love and hope you will too. Today, I’m sharing two major thrifting outings with two different friends and you are not going to believe this wildly unbelievable story that I can’t wait to share with you! Now, onto what I’m loving this week.

This is fall porch goals but while I admire it greatly, I have been going for a less is more look and only added one large pumpkin and two smaller ones to my porch this year plus a couple of pots of fall flowers.

Beautiful fall front porch with purple mums kellyelko.com See more at Extra! Extra! 2

Photo: Liz Lee White


Remember that $1 Adirondack basket I found last year? Well it’s back and better than ever filled with Limelight hydrangeas from my garden!

See How to Make a Dried Hydrangea Wreath Here (mine is HUGE)!


Fall doesn’t have to mean orange and I absolutely love these dried flower pumpkins and Jen shares all the details on how to dry and press them.

Dried Flower Pumpkins


I went thrifting with two thrift loving friends this week and it was so much fun to thrift with people who love the thrill of the hunt and vintage as much as I do!

Here’s my haul from Monday night with Matt. I actually ended up putting a couple of things back including the trays and the dog planter (his tail was cracked).

The next day, Susan and I hit the road and here’s a combo of mine and Susan’s haul in front of her beautiful green barn (and yes, I know I am in desperate need of a haircut)!

If you see anything you love, let me know because I’m considering starting to sell my vintage finds!


Now I want to share a truly unbelievable story that relates to my thrifting buddies who do not know each other and it involves these butterflies!

When I was in Susan’s barn, she was sorting through some stuff and she told me she was going to throw out this huge pile of handmade butterflies. She got them about five years ago from Anthropologie where they had been used in the window display. She hung the butterflies from trees for her son’s wedding last month.

Earlier while thrifting, I told her all about Matt and his background as an Anthro visual merchandiser years ago so she joked that maybe Matt had made the butterflies.

You guessed it … he did make them and none of us could believe this weird coincidence! It truly is a small world.

P.S. You know I rescued those butterflies from death and brought them home with me!


Have you heard of spatchcock chicken? It’s my favorite way to cook a whole bird.


Clogs are back and better than ever and I bought this pair of clogs (in chestnut suede). The soles were a little squeaky so I rubbed some bar soap on the soles and the squeak disappeared!


The Tina Turner documentary (called Tina) on HBO is great! I’m looking forward to seeing the Broadway show with my friends in December!


I gave this to my friend for her birthday and she loved it!


Who can resist a grinning Boston Terrier! My friend Jessica took Nash toy shopping and the look on his face is priceless!

Grinning Boston Terrier!

Photo: Mom 4 Real 

Enjoy your Sunday!

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  1. I’m so glad you rescued those butterflies! They are beautiful and yes, what a small world. I think your hair looks great! ☺

  2. Selling your vintage finds? There’s a certain german railroad city sign I’d like! LOL. Am guessing it’s not for sale. At any rate, great story and finds, as always. Thanks for sharing, Kelly.

  3. The look on Nash’s face was priceless, so cute. Thanks for sharing with us, can’t wait to see where and how you style those goodies.

  4. Kelly, I ‘d hang onto to it too, esp. with the sentimental value.

    Always enjoy your posts and vintage finds.

  5. Awesome blog dear, love all the thing, but specially love the dried flower pumpkins, it looks beautiful, i really want to try this. Thanks for sharing.

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