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This charming 1931 brick Tudor covered in trailing vines that burst into color every fall looks like it’s straight out of a fairy tale! Today’s Eclectic Home Tour of Angela Fahl shows us that old house quirks should be embraced and with a little ingenuity and creativity, those quirks can become the best part of the home!

Don't miss this Eclectic Home Tour of Angela Fahl - this 1931 brick Tudor is a historic house lovers dream

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Says Angie, “While I know old homes aren’t for everyone I TRULY want to show people how you can make old homes work for a modern day family. I’m living proof you can survive without a pantry, kitchen island, and master suite.”

Charming old brick Tudor ready for fall!

“I live in a 1931 brick Tudor with my husband, four kids, & one dog. We do our best to simplify and make this old quirky house work for a modern day, bigger family”, explains Angie.

Galley kitchen

Angie believes that “old homes are worth saving even if they lack things like closets, pantries, & fancy clean basements.”

Love the old pew in this mall kitchen

The galley kitchen doubles as a mudroom with an old church pew the perfect place to unload groceries.

Beautiful farmhouse sink

The old red cabinets were ripped out during the renovation but the layout remained the same.

Galley farmhouse kitchen

Angela explains, “This is our rolling kitchen cart. While I’d love to have an island it just wouldn’t work. We considered knocking out the wall and having a peninsula BUT our house is made of concrete and we entertain all the time. I worried the peninsula would create a bottleneck. My compromise was this awesome cart that can be used as prep space or a table for 4.”

DIY rolling cart that tucks under the counter - great for small kitchens

When you have a small kitchen, you need to get creative and I love that the cart can be rolled under the counter when not in use!

Original linen closet in this old home

The small “closet” is the only one on the main floor and Angie says, “it’s a bit of a jack-of-all-trades that stores, bedding, towels, medicine, paper towels, & soap.”

Farmhouse with vintage finds and fun displays

Stacked shelves allow for extra storage as well as display space. Angie chooses mostly white pieces to keep the space from feeling cluttered.

DIY table with bentwood chairs in this beautiful farmhouse dining room

Angie’s dad (who lives across the street in an old Craftsman) made the dining table out of salvaged white pine and old metal factory legs. Bentwood chairs paired with wicker complete the informal look while an ornate crystal chandelier adds drama.

Love the bentwood chairs paired with wicker in this small dining room

Star shaped decals add fun pattern to the small entry which Angie says nobody ever uses!

Love this charming old home with original oak doors

Angela says, “I originally found this cabinet in the garage filled with rakes, shovels, and a lot of dirt. Immediately I knew it would be perfect for our tv. Thanks to my dad for reworking the doors and adding shelves. I painted this BM Salamander a few years back and am still loving it.”

Antique cabinet in green is perfect for the TV

“Don’t be afraid to use pieces around your home that work for YOU. It’s ok to use something in a totally different space then it was intended,” says Angie.

Beautiful farmhouse tour - love the antique furniture and huge green cabinet.

Trying to keep a small home filled with kids neat and organized is no small feat and Angie says, “my goal for less stuff AND only having things we need and love continues to make life easier around here.”

Farmhouse family room with unpainted wood trim

An original feature of this old Tudor is the beautiful built in oak cabinet and bookcase surrounding the mantel.

Love the built in shelves and bookcase in this old Tudor

Angela says, “White + wood= happiness. We are lucky enough to have a home filled with white walls and wood trim. It may seem weird to some with this mix but to me it’s the best of both worlds.”

Create a cozy seating area with a pair of mismatched club chairs

Angela painted the back entry her favorite color … black!

Love the black walls and door in this entry

Old staircase in this charming old Tudor

The hidden staircase divides the kitchen from the family room.

Black walls add drama to this master bedroom

Because she isn’t fond of the green wall-to-wall carpet, Angie layered an area rug on top.

Love the freestanding sink in this charming vintage bathroom

A great tip from Angie is to use drapes in place of a shower curtain.

Small bathroom with white walls and black tile floor

Cute vintage boys bedroom with pull down school map

The upstairs landing does double duty as Angie’s sons bedroom which she hopes to turn into a bathroom one day.

Unfinished basement with farmhouse appeal and an old wood door

Even the unfinished basement/laundry room is charming complete with a huge antique sink and Smeg refrigerator that Angie found on Facebook Marketplace!

Love this basement laundry room with huge antique sink and Smeg refrigerator

Angela turned her garage into a pool house by adding doors from Habitat for Humanity on the side. A vine covered pergola over the door adds cottage charm.

Turn a garage into a pool house by adding doors and a pergola with trailing vines

Visit Angie to see more of her charming Tudor and her dad’s Craftsman which she is helping him renovate. 

Visit Angela Fahl Here

See All Eclectic Home Tours Here

An assortment of the best Eclectic Home Tours - something for every style and taste.

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  1. Lovely! I like the natural fibers, baskets and all. It’s wonderful when people save old homes. Thank you.

  2. I can’t tell ya’ how much I enjoy your home tours!
    Always find something inspirational and motivating.

  3. She has a cute and cozy place, very smart with her space. My home isn’t very big either, but I have memories of my three grands spending time here. It’s not how big, it’s time spent with family and memories that make it special.

  4. I LOVE this house. It speaks to me! It is clean, organized and so aesthetically appealing. Angie has great taste and a beautiful home!!!

  5. I’ve always loved Tudor homes… That old world charm is simply delightful. She has it perfectly decorated, this was a wonderful tour.. Btw.. What is is name of the plant by the kitchen sink

      1. I love Angela’s home. It was somewhat bizarre as l also live in an English Tudor home, and it was so much like mine, l couldn’t believe it. The color scheme rugs curtains black paint checkered pillows. The kitchen, mainly the eating area. I have even tried to get my neighbor to sell me her And l kick myself for not buying that old blue fridge l found…
        And I am having a guy come to see if my garage is salvageable for opening it up to use for barbecues. I could go on and on, and l am definitely going to buy that striped chair I’ve been wanting.
        It was like seeing my twin, who was much neater than me.
        Wish l could meet her.
        First time here, and loved it !
        Thanks !!

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