Eclectic Home Tour – 12th and White

Eclectic Home Tour of 12th and White Blog - beautiful neutral home on a budget

Today’s Eclectic Home Tour takes us to …

the charming home of Courtney of 12th and White.

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She describes her style as “clean cottage – honest, simple living with a pared back, farmhouse cottage vibe.”

Neutral living room with beautiful texture and interest

Beautiful neutral living room

Shelf styling at it's best - love the mix of old and new finds

Looks like we both love our collection of loving cups.

Neutral decorating - love the texture the basket adds

Coffee table styling - love height the branches add

Kitchen pass through

Love the open shelves in this dining nook

Family room mantel filled with vintage finds

Cozy neutral family room - love the bookshelves flanking the mantel

Vintage finds add interest and character to a neutral home.

Neutral family room decor - love hte leather club chair

Decorating with architectural salvage

Vintage finds in a bookshelf

Love this painted church pew

Love this vintage hanging scale in the kitchen

Neutral kitchen with open shelves

Open shelves filled with white and a windowsill of flowering bulbs are all the accessories that this kitchen needs.

Charming country kitchen - love the open shelves filled with white china

Charming country kitchen - love the open shelves filled with white china

Remove doors from kitchen cabinets and show off collections
Neutral gray dining room - love the plate wall

Vintage dresser in the dining room

Love this cozy master bedroom.

Cozy neutral master bedroom

Neutral bedroom dresser

Tiny vintage bathroom

Visit 12th and White to see more.


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P.S.  I love this home tour and these neutral pillows would be right at home in any home.

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  1. One word….BEAUTIFUL!! I just love how Courtney has styled her home. The calming neutral colors, simple uncluttered lines and vintage décor make her home look amazing. Nothing is overpowering and everything just blends together for a fresh cottage look.

  2. Grey, White, Beige. While it is attractive and has visual interest and texture, I feel that there is no definition between one room or space and the next. It makes for pretty vignettes, but the overall gestalt is colorless in emotion. I found myself craving an unexpected splash of something different. The tiny sparks of color, seen in the vegetation, weren’t different enough from the background and feel of the space. What was at first intriguing became bland as my expectations waned. It is a show piece seemingly apart from its inhabitants. I ask myself if anyone lives here.

    1. I love sharing different houses each week – showing off everyone’s unique styles. This certainly won’t appeal to everyone Fonda – but I often wish for a more neutral home (but I have way too much color for that to ever happen)! Happy Weekend!

  3. The color palette is depressing to my eye. I agree with the post by fonda rush, who wishes for some bits of color. So do I. Courtney has some interesting design ideas, but she has way too much stuff to fit my definition of “pared back”. I do like the way she has styled the industrial coffee table, and the rug that it sits on. Like fonda, though, I think this home tends too much to the bland side.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment Riley – while this home won’t appeal to everyone, I’m sure it is perfectly suited for Courtney and her family and that’s really all that matters! We need to decorate around and with things we love. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. So loved the house…wasn’t able to access the ’12th and White’ link to see more. It took me right back to your page.

  5. I had seen her blog at Christmas and forgot the name and couldn’t find it in my history what a surprise when I looked at your blog this morning! I love her style so much! I feel the same a good new blog is like a Christmas
    gift thanks so much Kelly and Courtney for sharing! Kelly I love looking at your living room 3 ways!

  6. Wow, reading some comments, we all have different tastes,I think her home is beautiful and stylish and tasteful! so many ideas! Kelly you are so cool with your comments! Oh, I used some of your tips at a estate sale today! thanks

  7. Kelly, Thanks for another gorgeous home tour! I love Courtney’s home. So many beautiful details and interesting things to look at in each room without feeling cluttered. She is very skilled with layering items with various textures and color tones. Lots of beautiful texture. I now have another great blog to follow! I also am in love with Courtney’s ironstone collection!

  8. I started off liking it and then it just became too hard to discern one space, couch, chair from another. My eye wants some color to give some sense of depth and emotional involvement to these rooms.

  9. Absolutelly LOVE this house. After settling into my new house, post-divorce. I’ve been drawn to these colors and textures. A calming, clean slate. What a pleasure it was to view Courtney’s home. Such a gem!
    May I ask the color used in her living room?
    Thank you

  10. I love the gray wall color used throughout the home. Is it all the same paint color? Doo you have a list of paint colors from this home? I’m trying to find the perfect gray for my house.
    Thank you,

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