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Go Haus Go Home Tour - 900 square foot home packed with style

Her 900 square foot 1914 Kentucky home is packed with style.

Emily of Go Haus Go grew to love living small and I can see why.

Love this living room and the mismatched sofas

A vintage and modern sofa pair perfectly together.

Modern and cozy living room - love the bookcase

Dramatic walls and colorful art make this the perfect place to create …

and a daybed for power naps doesn’t hurt either.

Small home office packed with style

There goes Suge about to power nap.

Gorgeous home office - love the dramatic walls

Bright kitchen - love the Hollywood Regency chairs paired with the modern table

Guess where these chairs came from – an Ohio lottery commercial set!

Emily’s first thought, “are these so ugly, they’re cool?”

Then she fell in love and the rest is coolest pair of vintage chairs paired with Ikea table history.

Pair of Hollywood Regency chairs in the kitchen

Dramatic kitchen walls

Every home should come with a fireplace in the bedroom.

Colorful bedroom - beautiful fireplace!

Colorful bedroom - love the chandelier!

Biggie needed a way to hop onto the bed and you’ll never guess how Emily made this doggie step.

Make a doggie step

Ostrich wallpaper – oh my!

Ostrich wallpaper

Pop of pattern in the laundry room

I love Emily’s style but when I saw her gnome themed wedding (think elegant, not cheesy), I knew we were sisters separated at birth.

Gnome vase

Gnome themed wedding

No wonder Emily was a finalist in the Apartment Therapy Small Cool contest!

What are you waiting for – go to Go Haus Go.


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  1. LOVE me some emily! she is so sweet and adorable and her home is freaking awesome. she’s just a whole lot of fab rolled into one.

  2. Keep going back to look at photos, so much eye candy, sure I haven’t seen it all. Clever decorating ideas, love that light fixture in bedroom, did she have to put that together? I could enumerate so many things I saw I was so inspired by but sure all of you saw them too. So tidy also.
    We lived in our 24 ft. travel trailer In Winter in CO for almost a year, trying to keep it tidy was no small feat. Cleaning it wasn’t so easy with coats, boots here and there. Had bunks in back so they were great storage areas. Harder in winter storing cold weather clothes, so many more layers to contend with. Did have a little closet but certainly not big enuf for winter clothes. You have to get quite inventive with making best use of space. I kept our laundry to be done in Suburban, then when I went to do laundry it was all there, not having to look everywhere for it. Had bags for different type of things to be washed, helped to keep it easier when I went to do laundry .
    The owner of this home has storing multiple necessities down to an art, very very nice. Love this house. As we get older I find I don’t want big house to clean, want that time and energy to be used with crafting or anything a person would enjoy doing in their home. Bravo to owner, envy them their gorgeous home.
    Happy summer days

  3. Love Emily and all she does. She is one of the most inspiring bloggers out there. Love her home too

  4. What a cool house. Those Autumn leaf chairs are above and beyond my favorites. It’s a well Gnome fact how much you love your little Gnomes. Wedding themed, that is very original!

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