Endless Summer Hydrangea Hedge & a Giveaway!

If you’re looking for me this summer, you’ll probably find me on my patio.

July is prime blooming season and I love being surrounded by a sea of gorgeous hydrangeas.
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Endless Summer Hydrangea Hedge - great tips on where to plant and how much to water kellyelko.com

Kelly and hydrangeas go together like peas and carrots so partnering with Endless Summerยฎ Hydrangeas is a no brainer for me.

Gardening involves lots of trail and error so I’m passing on some of my tips so you can have more success in your garden.

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Planting and Care Tips for Endless Summer Hydrangeas

Hydrangea planting tips kellyelko.com

Where to Plant Hydrangeas

Just like real estate, it’s all about location, location, location when it comes to planting hydrangeas.
They prefer a few hours of morning sun with dappled afternoon shade and they thrive in my backyard. They are planted right by my house so they get lots of shade when the intense afternoon sun is blazing.
Depending on what part of the country you live in is also a factor when choosing the perfect spot for your plants. I live in NJ so my blooms can handle more sun than southern states.
Love this hedge of hydrangeas around the patio kellyelko.com

Hydrangea Watering Tipsย 

Did you know that overwatering can cause hydrangeas to produce less blooms! Your soil type will determine how much and how often you should water. Clay soil holds water and will not need to be watered as frequently as sandy soil.
When the temperatures soar, you may notice that your hydrangeas wilt in the afternoon. That is perfectly normal but they will perk back up when the temps cool down. I like to water in the early morning or early evening (I set the timer on my sprinkler system). If you don’t have a sprinkler system, use a soaker hose or water by hand.
Make sure to mulch around your plants so you can water less frequently.
Pink and blue Endless Summer Hydrangeas kellyelko.com
Pink hydrangea bloom kellyelko.com

Endless Summer Hydrangea Planting and Care Tips kellyelko.com

Happy Gardening!

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  1. What a great giveaway! I too love the Endless Summer hydrangeas. I really like how the colors are different in my front of the house (blue) from the back yard (pink) due to different soil conditions. Thanks again Kelly!

  2. Your Hydrangeas are gorgeous. Such great tips as well. Thank you
    Thank U 4 this wonderful giveaway opportunity

  3. Love your comments can almost feel myself sitting beside you enjoying your beautiful hyrandges!
    The information on care of hydrangea was very helpful as I recently purchased a plant.

  4. Wish I could join you on your patio for a glass of Rose’! Your Endless Summer Hydrangeas are gorgeous!

  5. I appreciate your simple direct information and directions about the hydrangeas. Thanks also for tip about Pandora. I am moving into a new home in Indiana. Would these work on the south side of my home under an overhang that should block hard direct afternoon sun. Thanks. Love your site!!!

  6. thanks for this giveaway. I love my hydrangeas, but I do have one bush that hasn’t bloomed in 4 years or so. ugh. its one of those lace=types. I love your stuff, so thanks for sharing!!!

    Angela from NJ, down the shore!!!

  7. These would be an awesome addition to my yard in Middle Tennessee, they seem like they are in bloom here for such a long season here! Love…love…love!!!

  8. Thank you for all the tips regarding hydrangea. I am trying my hand at gardening since moving to Georgia from the harsh winds of Dallas, Texas. I fear I have made a few planting mistake but you give me great tips on growing my favorite plant!

  9. I now live in the city of Chicago, but spent many years in the suburbs. I mention this because even though the zone is the same and shade is shade, it isn’t. Would love some ideas for small city townhouse lots and balcony flowers

  10. So, that explains my fascination with Hydrangea! It’s all in the name, I am a Kelly too and this is my season too! I’ve been amending my clay and rocky soil with organic matter for many years to get anything to grow and it’s really paying off, but it took a long time. I have to be careful in certain areas because the clay tends to hold onto the moisture and I have killed quite a few plants with kindness.
    Your blog is wonderful and fun.

  11. Hydrangeas are my fav there so pretty i grew up with them there were blue mostly and now that im grown and have my own place i want them all around my porch like i remember as a kid so so lovely

  12. Love the Hydrangeas! I am already trying to think of the best place to plant them next spring, I have been afraid that they would be hard to grow, but you have inspired me. Thank you for your posts. One inspired me to save my Dad’s old typewriter. I’m glad I did it reminds me of him when i see it – happy memories.

  13. Hi. I have been following your blog for at least a year. I love your eclectic, fun style and always inspired by it. Thanks for all of the great tips. I too have a hydrangea that has lots of great blooms for the 1st time in years! I’m so happy. Happy Summer!

  14. I love Hydrangeas! I wish I would have had them in my wedding! Now I want them planted everywhere in every color! I love the 2 tone ones too! I live in Ohio so I am not sure how well they would fare but I would love them and care for them like I would a child.
    I love all your helpful tips

  15. Love hydrangeas. I get a lot of sun but think they would do ok in my front yard. Think I’ll get some this week!

  16. I love hydrangeas, too! They just can’t be beat for cut or dried flower arrangements. The Endless Summer ones are beautiful.

  17. I can’t wait until we have a shady area so I can finally, finally plant hydrangeas! I love them so!

  18. I would so love to see some actual flowers on my hydrangeas planted 8 years ago!! Can’t bear to give up on them even though hubby says to give it up!

  19. Oh my goodness, what a great article on Hydrangeas. I also am blooming with excitement for a chance to win.

  20. Your hydrangeas are fabulous. Ever time I’ve bought and set these plants out, they die. Not sure what I was doing wrong until your email on, “how to get unlimited hydrangeas”

  21. Such beautiful images. I’m updating the front of my house and trying to decide what to plant – hydrangeas might be a nice option.

  22. Thank you for the tips….I love hydrangeas! They are my absolute favorite! And thanks for the chance to enter the giveaway!

  23. Hi Kelly,
    I would love to win this giveaway! Edison bulbs are my favorite lights! I’ve been thinking about jumping into planting hydrangeas but I live in South Florida and we are very humid and hot! So Ive been a bit timid about it. They do sell them at my local Lowes so I think I’m inspired to try them!

  24. I love hydrangeas! I have an oakleaf and a variegated one my mother in law gave me and so far they are doing well! I can’t wait to be at the farm full time! I’d love to have lots and lots of the Endless Summer ones! Goodness, but the pictures of your hydrangeas are just beautiful! I’d love the chance to win. I’m going to listen to the Pandora station as well! Thanks for sharing.

  25. Oh my goodness!!! I’m super excited that I came across your blog!! Just b what I was looking for you help me grow my love for hydrangeas!!! I’d love to win the amazing giveaway—just the things I need and want!!! Thank you!

  26. I love hydrangeas. I live in Western NY and backyard is very wet in some spots. Do you think endless summer hydrangeas would work in my yard?

    1. Not sure Karen. I would visit your local garden center with some photos of your yard. They should be able to help. But I do know that hydrangeas don’t like sitting in water so I don’t think it’s your best option.

  27. Endless summer is a perfect description of how I feel when I am relaxing in the shade and enjoying the flowers in my yard.

  28. your flowers are so beautiful! I wish I was a better gardner. I just either over or underwater everything.My current flower beds are a hot mess! I enjoy your flower tips and of course all those gorgeous pics. Now if I could get my 6 month old to nap long enough to garden..

  29. They are gorgeous! I would sit sipping wine staring at them all the time too if they were in my yard!

  30. I only have a small garden area and have some hydrangeas in a pot. You always share helpful tips and I love your links! Thanks so much for the chance to win your giveaway!

  31. I love the color of hydrangeas! They make every yard and garden look fabulous. Thanks for the chance to win.

  32. I love hydrangeas, any color. I have 5 and would love more. They make such wonderful dried arrangements.

  33. I would love to have the endless bloom hydrangeas. I can’t get enough. Please chose me to win this beautiful flowers.

  34. First thanks for the giveaway. I have an endless summer, blue . I luve all hydrangeas… and all flowers. Hope I win.

  35. Thanks for all the great tips! I love my hydrangea! These tips will help tremendously. Have a great summer!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. Endless Summer Hydrangeas are my favorite plant! Thanks for the tips and info. I learned that I am probably overwatering mine. ?

  37. Just discovered my first endless summer hydrangeas. Can use all the help I can get so it will thrive!

  38. My favorites are hydrangeas yet I have never tried this variety. They look beautiful. Next give a lesson on how to dry them. I’ve never been successful.

  39. I have several unnamed hydrangeas. Will they need the same care – planting site, watering, etc. – as Endless Summer hydrangeas?

  40. I love hydrangeas!!! Unfortunately so do the deer that roam my yard. I will be moving to another town soon and will be looking for a new home that will house an abundance of flowers.

  41. Hydrangeas are my absolute favorite flower…always so gorgeous! I’m glad to learn about these, thank you!!! ?

  42. I am so totally in love with hydrangeas and I have a big one that produces all colora which I am constantly cutting to put in vases in our home because they are just so beautiful! I certainly would love to have more! Thank you for the chance to win!!!

  43. We have 19 hydrangeas in our yard, 3 of which are Endless Summers. Our yard is a small + narrow city lot, so that’s a lot of hydrangeas! I’m not doing a very good job of keeping my Endless Summer blossoms the highly coveted blue. I’ll fertilize them with the acid-loving plant stuff again tomorrow + cross my fingers. Isn’t the Twist ‘n Shout from the Endless Summer company? We have 3 of them, too! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  44. I absolutely love your post on one of my favorite flowering plants. Cannot wait to see more of your helpful info!

  45. I do love hydrangeas. Gardening gives me peace. Thanks for the opportunity to win. Happy August to you.

  46. I love my Endless Summer hydrangea but the blossoms seem to be smaller this year. Do I need to fertilize?

  47. Ohhh, how I love hydrangeas. I have 2 Endless Summer varieties. I collected 35 blooms to dry a few weeks ago. That’s my best harvest in a few years.

    Great tips. I need to get the texts, do you know if they are specific to your zone?


  48. I’ve been a hydrangea failure for YEARS. Every one I have planted has failed — until last fall, when we put in a new garden, and I gambled and tried again. Voila! My first baby, er, I mean hydrangea! With beautiful blossoms!!! I’m so excited I keep chattering about it to my garden-loving sisters and Mother. I now have the courage to plant more — and that’s just what I’m going to do. Thank you for the TIPS! I can see I need an Endless Summer Hydrangea next!

  49. I love hydrangea…I live in NJ too, I have 2 plants in front of my house, for the last 3 years I get beautiful foliage and NO flowers, can you tell me what we are doing wrong…we prune them back in the fall…thank you for the chance to win this great giveaway!

  50. Great advice! Just moved to a new house with hydrangeas and was wondering how to care for them. They need some love.

  51. Love the Hydrangea helps. The problem with letting mine wilt till the Sun is off, are the wilted bracts burn. I lived in the central California Foothills, and it gets hot! My favorite hydrangea for my area are the Limelights. I have four and they are tougher than all the others. Many thanks.

  52. well yes please that is a great idea for the east side of my mother in laws old house. they would be the very thing. thankyou

  53. I would love to be able to raise some of these beautiful flowers and maybe with your guidance I can. I would be honored to win any of the above giveaways.

  54. Thanks for the hydrangea tips! I think I need to move mine, too much midday sun. Thanks for the chance to win.

  55. These are absolutely breathtaking, my husband and myself bought a cornfield to build our house on. Well its taken some time but its looking more like a yard and less like produce. These flowers would make a wonderful addition.

  56. I have tried to grow them, first ones State Dept. sprayed weed killer, next ones grandson thought they were a weed and chopped them down I have given up

  57. I’m so excited to learn more about hydrangeas. I’ve been very good at growing them so with your help I hope to have beautiful blooms next yr.
    thank you ?

  58. These plants are absolutely breath taking. I love them. I would love to win this for my 70 year old sister that has a birthday coming up. She almost died from a misdiagnose sickness she had, thanking God she’s ok. She loves flowers this would be the ultimate gift for you. Beautiful flowers for sure.

  59. This is probably my favorite flower. Not sure where to plant in the deep South but I would love one or fifty.

  60. Love hydrangea’s!! Would love to win!’ ! I will look for endless summer. I only have one hydrangea & every year it gets very healthy leaves but no flowers ? It’s 3 yrs old. Bloomed once. Keep hoping though ?

  61. Love the beautiful hydrangeas. They remind me of my mothers. She loved them and her back yard was always blooming with them.

  62. How late in the year can you plant them I haven’t planted any yet. The area I was going to plant gets a lot of sun would regular hydrangeas do better?

  63. Thanks for the tips! I was wondering if the slight wilting is okay. My hydrangeas didn’t bloom this year. Any suggestions?

  64. I Love Hydrangea’s, they are my Favorite. My Mom use to have some alone side our stone wash house. They were the most beautiful things I have ever seen. They are long gone now, but I do have the memories. I’m trying to start some, I just hope I can do a wonderful job as She did. Thank you

  65. How far apart did you end up planting your endless summer hydrangeas? There is contradicting advice out there.

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