Exceptionally Eclectic #5 – Lucky Mudroom

She’s got equestrian decorating ideas down to a science!
Her heart skipped a beat when she first saw the red cottage in Norway, where Trine is from.
Although it was farther from civilization than she had planned, the Cottage of Vinnord called to Trine and she had to have it.
I can certainly see why!
Cottage of Vinnord mudroom tour kellyelko.com
Trine has worked wonders as can be seen from her mudroom renovation.
Dark and dreary is now soothing and her love of all things equestrian shows.
Cottage of Vinnord Equestrian decorating ideas !  kellyelko.com
Love the horseshoes on the stair risers – they have obviously brought good luck to this renovation.
Cottage of Vinnord Mudroom - love the equestrian theme kellyelko.com
Cottage of Vinnord Equestrian decorating ideas !  kellyelko.com
The iron horse hooks and riding helmet are not just for show – this gal is a real equestrian!
Cottage of Vinnord Mudroom Tour with an Equestrian twist kellyelko.com
Visit Trine at The Cottage of Vinnord to see more of her fabulous Norwegian cottage and her pony and kitties too.

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