Exceptionally Eclectic – Artful Home

This is the perfect example that original art doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Throw in a little Danish modern and this townhouse, from Dans le Townhouse packs a real punch.

Sigh …

now I need to make my own Sigh painting.

I am loving this antiqued stenciled poem mirror and Tanya has a fabulous tutorial so you can be as cool as she is.

I’m a sucker for silhouettes.

Opposites definitely attract in Tanya’s office with

an antique Singer sewing base turned desk & a modern desk – a match made in heaven.

Every detail is perfect.

Blow up a vacation photo and you’ve got instant, one of a kind art.

And don’t even get me started on that fabulous Danish table & chairs.

Great tips on how to create your own colorful triptych.

I think every gal (me, me!) could use a pink Marimekko blanket too.

Chevron stripes make the perfect little table shine.

Stop by Tanya’s at Dans le Townhouse house tour.

Plus she’s got lots of great DIY projects to share.

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  1. What an awesome house Kelly! I love the vacation picture turned art and that triptych. I need to go read her tips!!

  2. Those digs are so incredible! I’m crazy about Danish furniture… I had a little chair, but Morgan sat in it and broke it. And I saw some dining room chairs at a vintage store just like hers… that took some self-control not to buy those. They were painted white, so I didn’t feel quite as bad… but the lines were so fantastic! Yes. I want a do-over, too!

  3. I see you’re gone international today … and so glad you did! So many fabulous pinnable projects, like that sigh and that chevron painting and the bedroom art project idea. Don’t worry, I’ll pin from Tanya’s …

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend!



  4. Great to see you featuring an Ottawa blogger – Yay Ottawa! Tanya’s home is so fresh & pretty, and she’s created lots of fabulous artwork and done amazing DIY projects (love that poem mirror!) Definitely lots of great design ideas to be inspired by here 🙂

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