Exceptionally Eclectic – Farmhouse Guest Cottage

Susan of Maple and Magnolia would have to change the locks to get me to leave her Guest Cottage.

And even then, I may just crawl back in through a window – the farmhouse decor is that fabulous.

Farmhouse Decor Guest Cottage Tour - love the nautical / farmhouse feel.  It's gorgeous!

Farmhouse Guest Cottage Tour - love the nautical / farmhouse feel.  It's gorgeous!

Talk about indulgence – who wouldn’t want this Studio space.

(I have the same old wooden paper cutter).

Farmhouse Guest Cottage Tour - love the industrial studio space.  It's gorgeous!

Any way you slice it, this Cottage Kitchen more than cuts the mustard.

I’d love to get ahold of a sink with a built in drainboard.

Farmhouse Guest Cottage Tour - love the open kitchen shelves.  It's gorgeous!

Guests rest their weary bones in this Bedroom while dozing under this giant sign (be still my heart).

Farmhouse Guest Cottage Tour - love the bedroom sign.  It's gorgeous!

Plate wall = instant art.

Farmhouse Guest Cottage Tour - love the plate wall.  It's gorgeous!

Don’t forget to leave a trail of breadcrumbs so you’ll be sure to find your way back.

Farmhouse Guest Cottage Tour. It's gorgeous!

Not only is the guest cottage amazing, but Susan’s 150 year old Farmhouse is filled with lots of vintage touches – get a load of her entry!

Farmhouse Foyer - take the tour

So go check out Susan’s farmhouse and guest house and be inspired at Maple & Magnolia.

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  1. Guest cottage? No way! I’d totally move in there. Even though these are not really my colors, everything looks so great and well put together. It’s just so pretty! *swoon*

  2. That sign over the bed got my heart racing too… I always thought I liked living in a small home, but I can see where a big farmhouse with a cottage would provide plenty of space to fill with treasures. I have to go now and see the rest of the home tours! I need ice cream first to enjoy it with, and since I ate the rest of the hot fudge my daughter made this week (leaving her high and dry), I’d better go make some. Just for her of course.

  3. Hello. everything looks fantastic! Would you mind to tell me where did you get the industrial coffee table? Thanks!

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