Fab Friday Finds – Rescuing Vintage Wooden Boxes

Once upon a time, there was a pile of wooden boxes sitting lost and confused on the neighbor’s driveway.

They knew their fate and awaited the inevitable transport to the dump where all the unwanted wooden boxes are cast away.

You see, the sweet neighbor man was confused.

He actually believed these boxes to be, dare I utter the word?


So the heroine of the story (she kind of reminds me a bit of myself) swooped down in the nick of time and gathered the boxes against her heaving bosom.

She brought them home where they all lived happily ever after.

Oh, whatever happened to the sweet neighbor man, you’re probably wondering.

He moved – now who’s trash am I going to pick through?

Have you rescued anything from an unsuspecting neighbor?

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  1. You’ve got to be kidding me. You found those in his junk pile?? They’re awesome. I have a small collection of wooden crates as well. That one with the dovetail corners is indeed heavenly. Congrats on that sweet find! ~ Angie

  2. Are you serious right now? Someone actually threw these away? I’m appalled!
    I am known for taking my neighbor’s trash around here…sometimes they just bring it to me now instead of making me come get it 😉

  3. I love these boxes. I totally would have picked them up as well. I have rescued several things from neighbors and my husband thinks i am crazy. 🙂

  4. One man’s trash is another’s treasure … these are treasures indeed and so glad they found a loving home. So, is this to be a collection of wood boxes (good thing we didn’t intervene with that behavior 😉 or will they be DIY’ed into something else? Eager to find out! Have a great weekend! Robin

  5. Junk, what is he talking about!! I saw treasures. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of rescuing a wooden bench from our neighbor’s trash pile. Turned out it was invested with bugs! Ooops!

  6. I would’ve saved those in a heartbeat! My neighbor across the street has gotten to where he sets junk aside that he thinks I might want before he puts it to the curb. Guess I’ve picked his trash one too many times….. I can’t believe your neighbor thought those wonderful old boxes were trash! 🙂

  7. Trash?..oh my goodness…so his trash is now your treasure…(sorry, just had to say that)…Love that Literary Digest box…my daughter in law would have fought you for that one!!..

    I can just see you now…stalking the house…looking for the trash..:)
    The only boxes my neighbors throw out are cardboard…Have a wonderful weekend…

  8. Wow. Great boxes. I “rescued” a super old box from a flea market vendor this summer. We were on our way home from Maine and stopped by one of the MANY markets on the way. The vendor sold it to me for $10! Loved it and we’re enjoying it. I have an obsession with boxes!

  9. LOL, yes I have! Picked up a perfect lil farmhouse table that was probably used as a workbench in a garage or shed for a while. Made a lovely table for my front porch & soon will get a new life as a desk for my DD’s homeschooling. I’ve also been known to pick up discarded headboards to turn into things such as architectural features, hooks, benches, etc. May very well do the same thing soon with old crib parts (old drop sides that can’t be used anymore) I can salvage as I keep finding uses for those lovely items too.

  10. You find the BEST stuff! I love those boxes <3 My latest find was a desk, and was really a 'free, take me away' plea. It's getting a makeover so it can begin a new life… but oh, how I wish I could stumble upon some boxes like these!

  11. I pick through the trash of the unsuspecting as well as of those who come out and assist, which happened this week. I wish I had a neighbor really close who would toss good stuff. Actually the guy across the street has a whole garage full of junk and I’m patiently awaiting the clean out when he moves soon. He’s already given me permission to dig and salvage what I want. Did I say patiently awaiting? That was a fib. If he’s gonna move, I wish he’d hurry up and get to cleaning things out already! Great score! Good luck finding a new source.

  12. I think this is a fairy tale you are writing. NO one, would throw away such great boxes! Dove tailed, with hinges and not filthy? You are such a kidder, ha, ha, ha!

  13. What a crime to throw those out! But what a find for you! Wow, awesome boxes.
    And I haven’t rescued anything from a neighbour, but many times (the other day it happened again) friends & neighbours drop off their ‘junk’ on our burn pile! I can’t remember how many things I have rescued from that fire pit. And a lot of it I’ve already used in projects. A few now know to check with me before they make a dump run, too.
    Debbie 🙂

  14. This is about the most amazing fab Friday find I have seen. Junque. You are speaking my love language. I do love a good old wood crate rescued from the garbage.

  15. Are you kidding me?!?! Thank goodness some nice lady (could it be you?) saved those awesome boxes!!! Yes, I’ve gotten things from others’ trash pile, from the “too good to waste” section at our dump, and I even dumpster dived at the dump once (before they caught me and banned me from the dumpsters 😉 Well good job, lady, love those boxes! Mary

  16. What a great story! I would have scooped those up too.
    My trash to treasure story……..first year we were married (many years ago) and trying to furnish our apartment, I found a wicker rocker sitting by the trash. It rocked it’s way all the way with me. 😉 I spray painted that chair and we used it for over 20 years. Sadly we didn’t have a spot for it at this home when we moved here in 95. But I didn’t put it out on the curb for trash pickup, I sold it to an antique dealer. LOL

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